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This is a page under my website were I will post all activities regarding the callsign OH10TA, Special call wich I use during my IOTA activities.
It was first time used in April 2007. 2007 was a fantastic year of OH10TA history, a group of 4 italians, my dear friends IZ0FKE, IZ0EHO, IW0HJH
and IZ0BTV came to Finland with a plan to activate IOTA EU096 Parainen Island. And that we did with the help of OH1RX and OH0JPB.
All bands all modes were QRV making almost 5000Qsos during 5days inspite of the Aurora trying to defeat us.

After this 2007 main acitivty the callsign has been waiting to get on the air again.

In 2012 it was decided with Janne OH1SDR that we will go to Kustavi Island during the IOTA contest and activate the callsign on all HF bands and
be QRV during the contest!
We used my XYLs sisters cottage as its on a fabulous place just 10-15m from the sea.

Since then I have used the callsign when ever I am in the Archipalago, mostly I visit Kustavi Island, also IOTA 096, due the summercottage there.
Luckily the cottage can be used in winter time also. I have also made e few trips to Parainen also.

My next wish is to activate Lövö Island, vy south and remote island and happens to be a rare square for those who hunt then on VHF.
Plans are been made with Janne OH1SDR to activate 2m and 6m bands from the locator KO19fx.

Sadly due busy times a date that was ok for both is just after Perseids meteorshower but we hope there will still be rocks flying and we can give the rare # even to a few people.
We will also take some HF gear with us but if conditions are good on the mainbands 2/6m then we will not be QRV on HF.
You can find us in ON4KST chat.


So early morning start to pick up Janne OH1SDR and then +1.5h drive to Lövö. While driving talked about setting up the camp and wich place to really take.

On the island we found 2 ok places to stay, had also in mind the ferry harbours but atleast the other one was so crowded so didn't choose it, other harbour was in a bad takeoff 0-180° so it was a no no...

We decided to setup camp at a linktower wich was good and about 45m above sea level, good takeoff 360° around.

Setup was quite fast build but could have gone faster :)

As we got on air, both bands almost at the same time, first qsos were: DL6DAO on 6m and DK3XT on 2m. Fantastic place, great views and nice to be on air from KO19FX!

Janne was operating 2m with Yaesu FT726R, linear ~150W and 9el yagi at about 5m AGL. I was on 6m with FT897, 100W and 3el DK7ZB yagi at about 5m AGL also.

We worked as hard as we could to give KO19 to as many needing it, we heard many callers on 2m and tried qsos but some qsos ended up with timeout due no copi of RRR`s sadly...

Would have wanted to log each and everyone. But still Janne got 15qsos done on 2m and I worked 33qsos on 6m.

Trip was awsome! Will go again, already planing that maybe during the Geminids in December will be QRV again from KO19!

Plans are a go! We start second trip to KO19 # on Saturday morning very early so we will be early QRV on 2m and 6m from Lövö island again. Sadly no 4m still, but will make trip in the future with 4m also, dont worry. There is a storm expected to hit OH land on Saturday with winds up to 25m/s so hope the antennas will stay safe and us too. Hear you on the bands!

Second trip to KO19 LÖVÖ island... IOTA EU096. QRV on 2m, 6m and a few qsos on 20m... We survived KO19! We had some issues but we cleared them and worked all day and night on 2m and 6m. 6m was little of a dissapointment as not that many stations, or conditions.
Luckily 2m was working fantastic and Janne OH1SDR did a great job in the pileup!

We took off a little earlier then last time, picked Janne up at 0400UTC and headed to Lövö KO19. As we drove to the island, we saw that the snowstorm is hitting us hard... Only one set of tracks going on the road. More snow coming all the time. As we crossed the old ferry place, now a huge bridge, there was no snow on the otherside. The storm front was behind us and just wet all around in Lövö.

As we got to our "campsite" wich was the same as last time, good location without any neighbours near (maybe 3km to nearest house). We setup our station in the van as last time. Antennas 9el for 2m and 3el for 6m up in the tubetowers. Generator was behind the linktower cabin so not making any noise or QRM for us. Quickly we had stations up, but then the trouble began... When setting up the computer and rig, I noticed that I had left my USB-Serial adapter at home...Damn! Well after thinking some, Janne said its not a problem, I could drive the rig on VOX and just use all audio cables. Problem solved after 10minutes. Next we had Jannes laptop wich was showing some trouble in the audioplugs, the right channel wich WSJT uses for TX audio was not working, first we thought it was just the cable but quickly realized it was the laptop... Janne did some searching in the WWW and fixed the problem with a virtual audioport, now using the left channel as right channel.

Meanwhile I had worked a few stations, now that both stations were up and running pileups the feeling was good. As looking outside, we could see the weather changing also for us.

Already during antenna setup there was some rain, but now going more into snowflakes... The size of half a palm :) Well as the temperature outside was about -1 to -2°C we minimized the turning of antennas and turned both at the same time, no rotor, just armstrong. 2 rigs, 2 laptops, a linear and a powersupply was barely keeping the van warm inside, we took also a 900W heater to keep us warm.

Our first qsos were made with DK3WG on 6m and DH6DAO on 2m, 9DXCCs worked on 2m, giving many guys a new square, on 6m 8DXCCs also there some guys got a new one. We experienced many different weather types, snow, rain and a nice sunset also. Winds were strong and made some challange for us, the storm took our 6m yagi down before we could add the guywires/ropes to the pole.
Reflector was broken in half and other element bent but we fixed them on the spot.

But we worked 27 qsos on 2m and 18 on 6m and 4qsos on 20m SSB. Did have some trouble with the 20m antenna also so this is why so few qsos there.

Sometime around 0100UTC we stopped and dismanteled our stations and antennas. Then there was the long way home again to get some sleep. But as I said when starting, WE SURVIVED! Now thoughts on the next trip.. Maybe KO19 with 4m or KO09 with 2,4 and 6m... Stay focused!
I will add some pics soon!!

Full LOG from KO19 LÖVÖ island!

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