Glowing in the dark

OH1MN stands for me, Markus Kaukovalta from Finland. Licenced in 2003, Extra class amateur.

My home QTH consists of few smaller radios Yaesu FT-897, Yaesu FT-817 and Yaesu FT-7900.
Newest addition to my rigs, a FT-847 with HF, 2m, 4m and 6m.

Antennas at the station are as follows, verticals for 10/12/15. End-fed longwires for HF, covering 10-160m.
11element LFA yagi for 2m, 5 element LFA for 4m. 5element homemade LFA yagi for 6m.

80m dipol, 40m halfwave slopers to 3 directions ( 45, 140 and 270) from the tower,
the slopers also work good on 15m and 17m. They are also great on 60m for DX.

New addition is a rotatable dipol for 30m and a a fixed dipol for 60m.
4element monobander for 12m. TH3 Tribander for 10-15-20m. Inv-L for Top Band 160m

A new dualband for 4m/6m is going to the tower, YU7EF design 4m7el / 6m6el Dualband yagi with 6m long boom.

One of the Vikings at OH10TA

LZ3HI Gold Print Service, were I print all my cards!

President of the OH1AA Club from 2005 to 2010 - Member of SRT (Strange Radio Team) - Member of CCF (Contest Club Finland) - Member of SRAL (Finnish Radioamateur League)

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