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These fine dealers stock our first album: Flatline - Neonlights & Hell Calling album (AXE-CD-101, Axis Of Evil, Empire Records).
The list is not complete, but gives allows you to get the album wherever you live.

Jungle Records (Finland)
Goofin Records (Finland)
Enviken Records (Sweden)
Hepcat Records (Sweden)
Country Rock Specialisten (Sweden)
Rockaround Recs (Norway)
Raucous Records (UK)
Streets Online (UK)
Amazon (UK)
Incognito Records (Germany)
United Kids Records (Germany)
Fandango Music Shop (Italy)
PriceMinister (France)
Street Anthem Records (USA)
CD Universe (USA)
Spindrift Records (USA)
Music Outfitter (USA)
Song Search (USA)
TCL Special Order Imports (USA)
Music Boleh (USA)
Recordshop Answer (Japan)
Thousands Records (Japan)
HMV Records (Japan)
78 Records (Australia)
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