This website was initially set up to display snapshots and photographs for friends around the world and especially for those in South Africa who were left behind when we moved away more than two decades ago. However, things have changed and the pages about the Sandpit were added (in two languages) to draw attention to the absolute disregard for the environment, for the welfare of others and even for common decency, demonstrated by the 'Cement Company from Hell' owners of the sand quarry right beside our small piece of land.

In addition to this, a link to a collection of photomicrographs has been included. I have recently 'gone back' to science -- neglected for more than twenty years. My project, unfunded but supported in principle by staff at the university, is an investigation of the microbial and protist inhabitants of Finnish lakes and swamps. One interesting development has been the observation of hydrocarbon utilising bacteria of a number of morphological forms.

There is a gallery of crystal pictures available from the Red Gallery III button. These were taken with a Pentax *ist D camera on a Lomo research microscope.

Two of my novels, 'Thirty Steps to Heaven' and 'The Devil and Manuel de Salazar' first published in 2000/2001 are in the hands of new publishers -- After the first printing the original publishers went out of business. You can read the sample chapters and reviews to find out more about them.

NOTE: In the photo galleries, clicking a thumbnail will give you a bigger picture and if you are using Internet Explorer or Firefox - [F11] will toggle a full screen view.