I found AMC Hornet SC 360 from Sweden and imported it to Finland at end of February 2004.

if you click here, you will find project diary and more information about this SC. There is photos and other information bellow also.

This is one of dozen which have been imported to Sweden. I have heard that 14 have imported in Swden and one in Finland. I got printed a web page where other one was on sale Sweden (some years ago) and then I have heard that there is one in Stockholm area with Chevy 350, don't know it for sure thou?

Total SC/360 production in 1971 was 784. Of those 784 units, 206 were 2-barrel, with 187 being automatic and 19 three speed standard. 578 were 4-barrel, with 249 automatic, 23 3/speed, and 306 4/speed standard. Not all SC/360 Hornets had Go Pack, nor Ram Air systems. The Ram Air scoop was designed by Rockwell Corporation; the same people who design and build aircrafts. SC stood for 'SUPER COUPE' the 360 was the 360 AMC cid/285 hp engine. The ONLY way to distinguish the SC/360 from other production Hornets is the 6th digit of the VIN, which is a one (1).

My SC is with 4- barrel, Ram Air induction system, dual exhausts, handling package, tachometer (Go Pack) and with some other options (Power Brakes, Electric Wipers, Power Steering)

You can't "fake" a 71 SC/360 due to that 6th digit. ( I take this information and options & prices also from Eddie Stakes Planet Houston AMX)

      Go Pack $199.00 including: four barrel carb, Ram Air induction system,
      dual exhausts, handling package, tachometer, Polyglas white letter tires.
      This also included the flattened hood scoop.

      Automatic Shift Command floor mount transmission $200.00
      Three Speed manual floor shift trans $32.00
      Shift Command column shift automatic $238.00
      Twin Grip rear end $43.00
      70 amp battery $14.00
      Dual exhausts $31.00
      Engine block heater $12.00
      Heavy duty cooling system w/ heavy duty radiator, powerflex fan & shroud $16.00
      Cold start package  $18.00
      Power brakes $45.00
      Power front disc brakes  $84.00
      Power steering  $111.00
      Air conditioning  $399.00
      Front bumper guards $9.00
      Rear bumper guards $11.00
      Tinted glass, all windows $40.00
      Tinted windshield $30.00
      Headlight delay system $23.00
      Rear deck luggage rack $32.00
      Body side scuff molding  $32.00
      AM push button radio $67.00
      AM/FM push button radio $224.00
      Custom steering wheel $14.00
      Rim-Blow steering wheel  $37.00
      Tachometer (non Go Pack cars)  $50.00
      Visibility Group $47.00
      Light Group  $29.00
      Undercoating  $18.00
      Undercoating & hood insulation $22.00
      Styled steel wheels $46.00


Sweden (Strömstad)

Somewhere in Sweden

And finally back in Finland