There is some photos from my Junkyard. First we have here now same problem than US, Canada and maybe everywhere. Lot of junkyads, cars from barns have cleaned and away. I have try to save some to my junkyard depending on my money or space.

Some cars from my junkyard have found new owner, some have tore in pieces / used for spare parts. I really donīt like use Ramblers and AMCs for spare parts anymore, because they are so rare now a days. There isnīt cars, project  or spare part cars on sale so much than forexample mid and end 90īs think. Anway some of my junkyard cars have been too far gone to even attempting a restauration so have looked better to start use these for spare parts to save space or keep these our better one on road.

If you know cars that have to save or is for sale etc you know. please let me know



Rambler American 1966 4d and manual. Somebody had cut away the backside of its roof and welded Ford Taunus roof on top of it. Yes, it had been sedan. This car is actually better than you could expect from these photos. There is only 80000 original kms, interior is quite untouched (excpect the seats) and rest of the body is quite good. Anyway after this new roof itīs very complicated to fix it back. One problem is also that sheet metal between trunk and backseat is cut off. I never didīt have heart to tore it and thanks to this website son of firsts owner contact me and bougth it back to home.

I hope we will seen this restored one day.


REBEL 1967

This AMC Rebel 1967 saved crushed few days before it was too late. As you see it looks pitful in these photos. Snow photos are from the place where I picked it and bellow from after defrost in my garage. This is with 232 and manual. Actually there is Volvoīs gearbox on it. I think this is really too far gone to even attempting a restauration (a lot of rust). There is some useful parts on it. If you need something, feel free to ask by mail.


Rambler Classic 1966 (550) with out engine and transmission. Body look qoite good but there is lot of rost in floor. This is noe in my Garageīs yard



Rambler Classic 550 1966. I bougth this same time with my Cross Country and pick it from same place



One my friend have owned lot of Ramblers, some sold forward, some tore to pieces etc. Now he have only one. Each of these cars have own story why these have started to use for parts. Some have been totally rustout, some have been without cars document papers and some have found new owner etc.  So of these his photos can be 10 yaers old.

I purchase all his rest AMC parts some time ago so I can have some parts from these cars bellow. So I donīt have these cars bellow only maybe some parts from these.


1976 Hornet 4D. It was rustout.

Hornet Sportabout 1976

1970 or 1971 Hornet SST 4d

1969 Rambler American 440

AMC Rebel 1969