All began from this American.  I saw this car in used cars dealer in my home town. I was then sixteen and didn't even have a driving lisence. Next day my father checked it through and test drove it. Iīm 3rd owner. This car was up to mid of 80īs VR Ltd, Finnish Railways car. After VR this car wasnīt in good condition and 2nd owner made a lot of work to rebuild it again. In our town there is also second VRīs old American with consequent VIN number.

I try to keep most of my AMCs in original condition (without some original accessories or option modifications), even that I like custom some cars. This American is exception. When I bought it, it wasnīt very original and my ideas for modifications will change it little bit more. But there is also some parts that I will change back to original. Even that I like to custom my cars I have one rule, I will keep drivetrains AMC. I know how easy is build Chevy 350 and parts are available everywhere.

American is with 199 cid and Automatic (Automiatic is not original), I replaced it because the manual broke). Itīs 4 door 220 model. Now a days I've kept this car mainly in my garage and havenīt driven with it much recently. As I told, I have lot of plans to rebuild it once again with some new modifications. 


Bad photo. itīs from 2nd day

First srping,before painting

And same summer after painting



Next Summer



It still looks like this