Here is a little story about me and why vehicles from Kenosha Wisconsin have started intrest me. Cars and particularly cars from US have intrested me all my life. Real first touch was when my father had 67 Dodge Dart.

I have grown up also very near car bussines, because my father had paintshop and I have worked there since I was kid.

All with AMC start like this. One Sunday I drove with my little Honda Monkey in area where is almoust all of my hometown car dealers, I was then sixteen. One used car dealer had taken out 67 American and parked it beside the road. I don´t have no idea why he had this American for sale cause there they normally sale quoite new second hand cars. Anyway this American really stopped me. Next monday I asked from my father if he could check this car out. Thats because I was in school and he knew the owner of this dealer (as he knows almost every dealer in our area at that time). Anyway he was actually as intersted as I was, so this way all got started. As you can see from these pages I still have this American. American was my first car when I got my driving licence (18 in Finland). It was actually my only car untill I bought Saab for winter use.

After American my next AMC was Classic Cross Country which my friend had found and in same deal I bought 66 Classic sedan for spare parts. I was in army same year so then I didn´t have time to fix it much. Now this car is sandblasted and painted with primer, but I haven´t started the body work.

After army I stydy and lived in Turku which is about 50 km from my garage and hometown. I studied in Turku Polytechnic, Department of Automotive and Transportation so I´am Bsc (Automotive Engineer). This same time I made my previous daily driver Isuzu Sport Truck and helped a lot my friend with his MitsubishI Lancer)

And why my dailydrivers is now a days are Mopars, there is two reason. One reason is what happend in this dark year of 1987, there isn't new AMCs around and AMCs start to be too old for my dailydrivers (I drive lot because my job). Then student days I worked in car body repair shop in Autokeskus (Helsinki), which is Chrysler Dealer there. I made my graduate work for ARO YHTYMÄ OY. ARO YHTYMÄ imports Chryslers to Finland and owned by Autokeskus. Autokeskeus is Chrysler dealer in our biggest cities like Helsinki area, Turku and Tampere. If you didn´t know all of Mopars since 90´s were sold here in Europe under brand of Chrysler. Cause my main intrest is muscle cars I have to say that I like  Mopars muscle cars also but I haven´t own any yet.

My graduate work was to prepare a manual of the operation of Chrysler´s and Jeep´s powertrain control and on-board diagnostic systems as well as testing them with DRB III scan tool. Manual was planned to help Aro Yhtymä and authorized dealers to train personnel and use DRB III. To get more idea about this manual CLICK HERE. This graduate work (book) you'll find in Turku Polytechnics library. Now after stydy I work in Trucks spare parts business.

I have also met many great people and got good friends because my AMC hobby. Forexample one of my friend have same kind of story and owns still his first car, AMC Rambler 440 -69 (American). He had lot of parts also which I bought some time ago, because he had become more and more GM guy nowadays (what a shame).

My other  passions are

Vintage motocross bikes CHECK HERE


Lowriders CHECK HERE


And after all one question why AMC?

I like this clause from Eddie Stakes because it include all good reasons  www.planethoustonamx.com

They are economical, dependable, affordable and different. The latter aspect is most important,  "You can restore a Mustang out of a catalog, and everyone has a Camaro,"  "Lots of kids nowadays are picking up those little rice burners. But if you pick up something like an AMX, you dare to be different. And that's how it always has been with AMC."