ToniArts - The New Art of ProgrammingPlease support!
General info
ToniArts is a small "company", it does FREE programs, programs like EasyHtml. EasyCleaner is the flagship of ToniArts. ToniArts has been officially working since november of 1997. Before it, I used the ToniArts name a lot, but I was only practising programming then, so I count the day when I started to make EasyHtml the first day in ToniArts history!

The ToniArts name comes from (hard to guess!) my first name (in case you didn't know: Toni) and ARTs, because programming is quite like art: In art and programming you make a nice painting/program from nothing, for others to see/use. I based my slogan to thought above, so it is this:"The New Art of Programming".

Here is the logo I use in my programs:
ToniArts logo (44,9kb)
The ToniArts logo was made by Yery Semka.

Tools we use
I have been using Delphi since its first release, before that I used Visual Basic and QBasic, but they were children's toys compared to Delphi. I can make almost everything with it AND with little coding and using the basic code!

As HTML editor I use my own EasyHtml together with EasyThumb. The installations are made with InstallShield software.

Products and plans
ToniArts keeps creating new and still remembering the old. Windows as the developing platform most likely is forever to stay, as is the freeware status of my programs.

ToniArts has only 1 employee, Me (Toni Helenius), doing all the hard and dirty tasks, I'm the head everything in ToniArts!