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ToniArts Translator
ToniArts TranslatorA very simple tool. Can be used to translate ToniArts programs. You can use i.e. Notepad, but this eases the task! Comes with Delphi 7 source code. Feel free to modify and improve it. But please let me know if you do!

2006/1/9 -->

  • Made the thing faster, simply by using TMemIniFile, instead of TIniFile

Download program (314Kb)
Download sources for Borland Delphi 7 (20Kb)

The Game Of Life
The Game Of LifeA school project. The object was to create a hunter - hunted simulation with object oriented C++ programming. I thought it came out really well! You can't do much in the game except set the starting values and see as the creatures eat each other. It's a good model for those who want to learn the trait. No support for this project!

Download program (590Kb)
Download sources for Borland C++ Builder 6 (666Kb)