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1st Dec 2006
I'm taking few days off, so I wanted to release EasyCleaner 2.1 BETA #2 before I go! The previous BETA worked great except for the new file deletion part could have let you waited a bit longer than it should... There are minor fixes and improvements. I wanted to release a release candinate instead of beta, but I didn't have the time to finish the scheduling. That is the only feature still missing. Check it out on the BETA pages!

25th Oct 2006
I'm happy to announce the immediate release of EasyCleaner 2.1 BETA #1! Hopefully after a month or so followed by the full release. I recommend using this release instead of the old, especially if you're having any problems. The BETA addresses fixes to these few annoyances in the current stable release (2.0). The 2.1 version will be an important stepping stone to the future. While it does not shake the very grounds of the universe with ashtonising new features, it brings EasyCleaner base technology to superior performance and stability class! A good foundation to implement the already existing a*-kicking features! Check it out on the BETA pages!

My application for was accepted. Unfortunately my time is very limited, I have very little to no time left to apply this new HQ to operation, nor answer all of my emails (sorry). So any interested PHP-coders or graphically skilled people please contact me!

And please use the forums to seek help!

4th Feb 2006
I have a constant problem with bandwidth, that's a known issue. Please people if you have any problems downloading, running or installing my software, see: Forum thread. It's about EasyCleaner but applies to all of my software.

Good news about the future bandwidth, the .com, .net and .org are reserved to the evil purposes of getting rich with other people's work. But as of 1st of March 2006 policy about .fi addresses is changing, so that "everybody" can get one! I did sent my application for a while ago. I'm very optimistic that the application will be approved. This will hopefully resolve the problems with the bandwidth, at least when I saw the price tag (yieks!)... And provides me with some more options.

The new EasyHtml is delayed, partly because of my school work and partly because I want to look up to the future (mainly the Windows Vista release) to make EasyHtml visually compatible with the new Windows outlook. This would now mean that no more floating toolbars but more attractive GUI!


26th Dec 2005
EasyCleaner blacklist #9 released with 3 minor fixes. And EasyCleaner got Lithuanian and Spanish (Argentina) translations. Plus the Spanish translation was rebuild.

ToniArts thanks you all for the year 2005 and wishes everybody a happy New Year 2006!

13th Sep 2005
EasyCleaner got Chinese (Simplified), Croatian and Slovak (with helps) translations. Also the blacklist updated to #8, it provides total of 4 fixes.

EasyThumb got Hungarian translation! Thank you to the translators.

All the installation packages are re-built, thus increased their overall tidiness and performance!

All of my programs are now shipped with license information. That is to further protect my rights, not to mention your rights too.

20th Aug 2005
It was almost impossible to download anything from my site, just not enough bandwidth. Thanks to Mark Ridgway, I've set alternative download site at the Download Center.

16th Aug 2005
Busy summer, again working all day in an amusement park. But I finally got something done! EasyHtml 2.4 released! Very big update! The previous version 2.2 was released in late 1999, it has been awhile. Now it's back to once again take its place in HTML-editor's elite!

Few bad news too. First, my unanswered e-mail pile is 2 months big. When I find the time I'll answer every last one of them. The answering itself will take a week, so I'm not sure when I can undertake such project. I'm trying. Meanwhile please use the forums to seek answers.

Trademark infringement - EasyHelp is a registered trademark of another company. I'm forced to temporarily take it down. I need to find another name for it. Until its second release, it's not available for download.

23rd Mar 2005
EasyCleaner Estonian language updated and Bulgarian added. EasyThumb got Slovak translation with helps too. Thanks.

EasyCleaner blacklist updated to #7. It solves combatibility problem with F-Secure Internet Security 2005.

I added a section "Other Products" to offer some small programs of mine, such as school projects and support products.

1st Mar 2005
Thanks to some hard working people; EasyCleaner is now available in Estonian, EasyComm available in Polish and EasyThumb available in German and Polish.

21st Feb 2005
While translating the new EasyHtml I came across a need for a better tool than Notepad to do the job. So I built what I call the ToniArts Translator 1.0. It's available trough the download center. I also put the Delphi sources (Delphi 7) there if anybody wants to improve it. Hopefully it makes translating easier.

6th Feb 2005
EasyHtml 2.4 Preview Edition #1 released! I think it's ready besides the multilingualation and the helps. I recommend this version to be used instead of the 2.2. This great new release includes many features that before you could only find in a pricy software. But still in attractive and easy to use environment! For all your HTML coding need check out the BETA pages!

15th Jan 2005
EasyCleaner is updated to It mainly fixes the crashing problem in the Add/remove software tool. Little fixes, no new functions added.

6th Jan 2005
I added a section which will inform people how to correctly report bugs and dysfunctionalities. Hopefully this will not only save my time, but everyone's time! Not even mentioning about the gained bandwidth in mail servers! And the world will yet again be a better place...

My condolences to the families and to everybody all over the world whose lifes have been touched by the unfortunate events in the Asia. (Asian tsunami disaster, 26th Dec 2004)


16th Dec 2004
I was told the Spanish translation of EasyCleaner contained some needlessly strong language. It has been tuned down a bit. The EasyCleaner uninstallation is also now more thorough in the newer package (Options.ini). And the flags are now more attractive!

ToniArts likes to wish everybody a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2005. Thank you for the year!

1st Nov 2004
I added Serbian and Portuguese to EasyComm. And of course all the flags are now more attractive in EasyComm package! Thanks to the translators!

29th Sep 2004
Completely updated the pages, I hope you like the new look! At least it is easier to navigate and faster to load. Main reason for such update is the final stages of development in the new EasyHtml which you can find in the forums before its release to a public BETA! Also very important section is now available and that is Internet security, please read it if you're not familiar with the subject.

Valitettavasti ainaista murhetta aiheuttavat suomenkieliset ohjelmasivut on suljettu. Ohjelmat tulevat kyllä aina myös suomeksi käännettynä julkaisuhetkestä lähtien. Suomenkielisiä arvosteluja ja tietoa ohjelmista löytyy kyllä "Googlettamalla". Pahoittelen asiasta aiheutuvaa häriötä...

20th Sep 2004
Updated the EasyCleaner packages to remove the "invalid images size" problem, plus replaced some flags with more attractive ones. The program itself was not modified so no update is needed unless you suffer from the problem.

10th Sep 2004
Thanks to Mark Ridgway's ( generosity, I once again have a message board! The old has been down for almost two months. Now this brand new forum offers a little more room and possibilities. #1 place to get support!

22nd July 2004
EasyThumb, Galician language released! EasyComm, Italian language released! EasyCleaner, Galician language released, Swedish language fixed and Blaclist updated to #6!

27th June 2004
EasyThumb updated to version, a small maintenance release!

24th June 2004
EasyCleaner Norwegian language released and Spanish fixed!

20th June 2004
EasyCleaner version released! Plus new backlist (#5) and languages for it.

3rd April 2004
New backlist and languages for EasyCleaner! Spanish and Korean.

22nd February 2004
EasyThumb 1.2 released! A small bug fix release!

13th February 2004
EasyCleaner released! Important fixes and improved features!

6th January 2004
EasyComm package updated, 2 new languages


22nd December 2003
2 new languages added to EasyCleaner. Portuguese (Brasil) updated as well.

14th December 2003
7 new languages to EasyCleaner, and blacklist #3!

30th November 2003
EasyCleaner 2.0 build 338, minor fixes...

21st November 2003
EasyCleaner 2.0, major update finally here...

24th October 2003
EasyCleaner 2.0 BETA 2 released, major update...

19st Septemper 2003
EasyComm 1.2 released, major update...

1st Septemper 2003
EasyThumb Dutch language and XP style patch...

26th July 2003
EasyThumb 1.1 (release 3) released! A bug fix update...

25th July 2003
EasyThumb 1.1 released! A major update...

15th July 2003
Released languages to EasyCleaner 1.7f...


1st October 2001
EasyComm updated to 1.1! I also got rid of the counter since it resets itself whenever it feels like it and it had few more of these annoying features. Anyway I got the tracking system...

19th August 2001
A new program added! Welcome EasyComm!

28th January 2001
Completely redesigned my pages appearance for easier usage. Also few FAQ entries added.


27th October 2000
EasyHelp added and EasyCleaner FAQ also.

5th March 2000
I added a message board!

6th January 2000
I put a whole bunch of languages available for download, check them for your language!


3rd December 1999
EasyCleaner 1.7f released! Minor fix release, sorry for the trouble!

25th November 1999
EasyCleaner 1.7 released! Major revision.

9th November 1999
EasyCleaner 1.7 BETA released! Please download it from the BETA-pages. It is a quite major revision!

29th July 1999
EasyHtml 2.2 released! Also new program EasyThumb released (which actually was ready months ago, but I didn't have any time to make pages for it).

13th June 1999
Things are going great now; school is over and my skin has burned in the sun. And I even released EasyHtml 2.2 BETA BUILD 177. Please test it, so I can release the official version soon!

22th May 1999
Due to gigantic amount of the members in ToniArts mailing list; I've decided to discontinue it, don't worry I'm just moving this service to ListBot's hands. So everyone in the list have to join in again, now to ListBot.

24th March 1999
EasyCleaner 1.5 released! Fixes few bugs, few changes, helps etc.. Read more from it's pages! Also 2 beautiful 3D images (about nature) posted.


30th December 1998
EasyCleaner 1.4 released! Major update, allows you to delete all kinds of unnecessary files. Read more from its pages! Also 2 image tips added and guestbook added. Sign it now!

6th December 1998
Synttäri 1.3 released! EasyCleaner 1.0 released, speed up your computer by doing a cristmas sweep with EasyCleaner! Also NT tips added!

10th November 1998
At last EasyHtml 2.1 is available, not a BETA, it's FINAL!!! Download it!