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Q1. Is program X compatible with Windows version Y?
A1. EasyCleaner 2.0 and all my other programs are compatible with Windows 95/98/ME/NT (3.51 or newer)/2000/XP. Any EasyCleaner version prior to 2.0 caused help & support to malfunction in Windows ME/XP. I still offer the fix files in the download center.

Q2. Are ToniArts' programs year-2000-compatible?
A2. In short, yes.

Q3. Why EasyCleaner's registry cleaning-part's date-column always show date as 01.01.1601 12.00 (or 01/01/1601 12:00AM)?
A3. This only appears in Windows 95/98/ME, this is a bug in Windows. Doesn't affect anything.

Q4. Deleting duplicates, can all duplicates be deleted on the same time and are duplicates unnecessary?
A4. All duplicates can't be deleted at the same time, because this is usually dangerous to your computer. Usually only one of the duplicates is important, but you'll have know which one of them:

Duplicate files...
c:\windows\system\system.dll (important)
c:\temp\system.dll (unnecessary)

Q5. EasyCleaner's parts like registry cleaning- and unnecessary files-part list even thousands of unnecessary files/entries, are they save to delete?
A5. Usually yes, I recommend you to delete files first to the recycle bin (see Options), restart your computer and see if everything works fine then empty the recycle bin. EasyCleaner creates these UNDO-files, with them you can easily import the deleted data back to registry!

Q6. EasyCleaner's unnecessary files-part lists only a small part of the unnecessary files, e.g. my c:\Temp directory is full of *.tmp files, but EasyCleaner doesn't find them. Why?
A6. Yes it finds them, but they don't meet the requirements. Go to options and uncheck e.g. "Empty files" from "Ignore"-list.

Q7. After running EasyCleaner's unnecessary files-utility the game "Indiana Jones and the Emperors Tomb" doesn't work anymore, why?
A7. The game uses files *.mtx, unnecessary file finder's EXTRA option finds these files as unnecessary. Either use the skip-field to skip these, or disable the extra-option.

Q8. After cleaning the "Temporary Internet files" from EasyCleaner, the files were deleted but "came back"?
A8. Windows XP has many pseudo folders, so using the Windows to browse the file system it shows these pseudo files/folders as real.

In this particular case EC deletes all the actual files (except the index.dat --> protected) and folders (which XP may not show). However since the index.dat still contains the URL's where the cache files deleted by EC can be found, Windows shows them here. You're actually looking at one file.

So EC works for you as planned, it has freed some disk space by deleting the actual files. Index.dat remover is planned on the next version.

Last revised on 7th October 2004.