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EasyThumb is a small program which makes thumbnails and coverts images to different format. EasyThumb is 100% free! List of some features:

  • Very nice interface!
  • Reads a wide variety of image formats (supports writing images in formats written with bold style):
    • TIFF images (*.tif, *.tiff)
    • GFI fax images (*.fax)
    • SGI images (*.bw, *.rgb, *.rgba, *.sgi)
    • Autodesk images files (*.cel, *.pic)
    • Truevision images (*.tga, *.vst, *.icb, *.vda, *.win)
    • ZSoft Paintbrush images (*.pcx, *.pcc)
    • Kodak Photo-CD images (*.pcd)
    • Portable pixel/gray map images (*.ppm, *.pgm, *.pbm)
    • Dr. Halo images (*.cut, *.pal)
    • CompuServe images (*.gif)
    • SGI Wavefront images (*.rla, *.rpf)
    • Standard Windows bitmap images (*.bmp, *.rle, *.dib, *.rle, *.dib)
    • Paintshop Pro images (*.psp)
    • Portable network graphic images (*.png)
    • Windows metafiles and enchanted-metafiles (*.wmf, *.emf)
    • JPEG images (*.jpg, *.jpeg, *.jfif, *.jpe)
  • Can create an HTML-output!
  • Very user-friendly!
  • Uses only little amount of resources while running!
  • Huge help file that gives you every little detail about EasyThumb!
  • And much more...

Available languages
EasyThumb has multi-language support, which makes it possible for the user to support new languages easily. I always equip my programs with two languages: Finnish and English. If your native language is different, look for it below. If it isn't in the list, please add one! (But please e-mail me me first. If you plan to translate the help file too, please mention this as well!) You can use the ToniArts Translator to help you in the job!

Available languages included in the download:

  • Dutch Dutch, by Bert Luyten
  • English English, by Toni Helenius
  • Finnish Finnish, by Toni Helenius
  • French French, by Claude Charries
  • Galician Galician, by Xose Antón Vicente Rodriguez
  • German German, by Michael Brestrich/Berlin
  • Hungarian Hungarian, by Gergely Nehéz
  • Polish Polish, by Darek Ciach
  • Slovak Slovak, by Marián Hikaník

Download and installation

EasyThumb is an self-extracting-EXE so, it won't require any special programs. Just start ETumb1_2.exe.

Installing new version over previous version (if you don't have a previous version on your system just run ETumb1_2.exe and follow the instructions):

1) Go to Control panel and select Add/remove programs. Choose EasyThumb from the list, uninstall.
2) Manually delete the folder where EasyThumb was (uninstall doesn't know how to do this!).
3) Just start ETumb1_2.exe and follow the instructions!

System requirements
EasyThumb has minimal requirements, it will work almost in every machine that Microsoft Windows is installed. Here are the basic requirements for Microsoft Windows (and EasyThumb).
  • 486
  • 8mb RAM
  • Windows 95/98/ME/NT 3.51 (or newer)/2000/XP

Misc info


I made EasyThumb because when I do pages for my programs I have to take some screenshots from them and because they can't just be put to a page (because of their big size), I have to make thumbnails out of them (see the explanation bellow). Making thumbnails with ordinary image edit tools is easy and simple when only ONE IMAGE has to be thumnailed, but when more than one images have to thumbnailed it is only annoying and time taking. I used some commercial program to make thumbnails, it had poor selection of options and functions and when the 30 evaluation time expired I decided to make my own program where I have packed all the good and useful qualities from the commercial program and added a pack of my own. This is why EasyThumb was made!

What is a thumbnail?

Thumbnail means a shrinken version of original image. These are usually used in internet; lets think about image-gallery in internet. If images there were showed as large 800x600 good quality images and about 100 on a single page. Downloading the page would take hours, but if they were thumbnails; there could be thousands of thumbnails on a single page without downloading taking hours. Sometimes besides the size, quality is also reduced.


Visit (courtesy of LVS Associates) for a nice tutorial on EasyThumb. The tutorial is kept short & simple! There are also loads of other tutorials and more. Check it out!

Click on a thumbnail to get a bigger picture!

What's new?


  • Small optimizations and changes
  • Interval for checking updates now set to monthly basis
  • Thumnbnailed view no longer selected if an existing path (from previous use) was found, might took a while to open the "Browse for images" dialog, seemed like a crash
  • More standard HTML code, added quotes where they were missing

  • Exiting the program could cause an error
  • If the HTML option "update existing html file" was selected while exiting the program, the next time EasyThumb was opened an error "No HTML headers found, can't update"

Version 1.2

  • Support for used defined font and program help files in various formats!
  • The buttons now have a caption so it's easier to see what you're doing
  • The program now remembers the settings

  • Fixed the bug that caused the frames being drawn always

Version 1.1

  • Complete rewrite!
  • Cosmetic changes and optimizations
  • More HTML-options
  • More image formats to read, PNG + TGA image formats to save to

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