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EasyHtml is 100% free HTML-editor. It is basically same as Window's memo, except EasyHtml has many useful features (thats why it is a popular HTML-editor), here are few of them:
  • HTML-tags (< and >) are colorcoded, e.g. <CENTER>Welcome to my pages<CENTER>. Includes 10 ready highlighters for various languages! Fully customizable rules!
  • 18 helpers, they make bug free HTML-code based on your answers. You can make e.g. table easily with them! Read more about helpers.
  • You can open as many HTML-document as you want to EasyHtml (MDI,multi-document-interface)!
  • Large help-file is shipped with EasyHtml, the help has information to amateur HTML-programmers as well as for professionals!
  • Very user friendly!
  • You can customize EasyHtml's enviroment.
  • Very fast. Read more about it.
  • With one key you can e.g. center a text! Read more about it.
  • Sample page is also shippedd with EasyHtml!
  • "Floating toolbars"!
  • Image map helper!
  • Built-in-browser, with it you can view your pages in milliseconds!
  • User's own tags!
  • You can make your own custom toolbars!
  • HTML-wizard which makes homepages in seconds!
  • 13 ready JavaScripts (made by Nicolas) with instructions!
  • Download time checker, how many second you pages load with 28.8 modem?
  • Export your HTML to RTF, TXT or even to PDF!
  • Import to HTML from RTF or TXT!
  • And loads of other...

Available languages
EasyHtml has multi-language support which makes it possible for the user to make new languages easily. I always equip my programs with two languages; Finnish and English. If you speak other than those as your native language, please look below for your native language. If it doesn't exist please do one! N.B! In order to make one please e-mail me first. If you plan to translate the help too, please mention it as well! You can use the ToniArts Translator to help you in the job!

Available languages included in the download:

  • English English, by Toni Helenius
  • Finnish Finnish, by Toni Helenius

Download and installation

EasyHtml is an self-extracting-EXE so, it won't require any special programs. Just start EHtml2_4.exe.

Installing new version over previous version (if you don't have a previous version on your system just run EHtml2_4.exe and follow the instructions):

1) Go to Control panel and select Add/remove programs. Choose EasyHtml from the list, uninstall.
2) Manually delete the folder where EasyHtml was.
3) Just start EHtml2_4.exe and follow the instructions!

System requirements
EasyHtml has minimal requirements, it will work almost in every machine that has Microsoft Windows installed. Here are the basic requirements for Microsoft Windows (and EasyHtml).
  • Pentium II 233MHz (or equivalent)
  • 64Mb RAM
  • Windows 95/98/ME/NT 3.51 (or newer)/2000/XP

Misc info


In EasyHtml there are 18 helpers, they'll ask few values from you e.g. in picture helper picture's width. And EasyHtml creates the code based on the values.


EasyHtml is very fast for HTML-coding. You can select the text you want and press bold-button, EasyHtml will create code like this <B>Selected text</B>. This is how you can make bold, italic, underlined, strokeout, centered and/or headline text, also e.g. Font helper will create code around the selected text.

Click on a thumbnail to get a bigger picture!

What's new?

16/08/2005 version 2.4.6


  • Almost a complete rewrite
  • Windows XP look & feel
  • Improved everything
  • Faster, more stable and more versatile
  • No more file size limits (Windows 95/98/ME)
  • Unlimited undo/redo
  • Editor is a true coding environment with line numbers and smart tabs
  • Whole new syntax highlighting, including ready rules for many programming languages
  • Tabbed document view
  • Character converter
  • Every peace of code EasyHtml creates complies with the W3 standards
  • Many new HTML tags
  • Support for custom templates
  • Export HTML documents to TXT, RTF (2.0) or even to PDF (1.4)!
  • Import and convert to HTML from TXT or RTF
  • Multilingual support
  • Autoupdate feature
  • Much much more!!!


  • Everything =)

29/07/1999 version 2.2.5


  • More options
  • Lowered memory usage (dynamic creation of forms)
  • Image map helper

10/11/1998 version 2.1.4


  • Cosmetic changes
  • Floating and customizable toolbars
  • User's tags
  • JavaScripts
  • Helpers: Special character, Comment and Embed
  • Available in Finnish and English
  • Quick file opener
  • The limit of 16 colors expanded to unlimited where used
  • Optimized code
  • ESKO, the built-in-browser

??/04/1998 version 1.8.3


  • Quick keys (e.g. for bold text)
  • MDI (Multi Document Interface)
  • Background for EasyHtml desktop + other cosmetic changes

??/??/1997 version 1.5.2


  • Syntax highlighting
  • 2 new helpers
  • Many new options
  • Cosmetic changes

??/??/1997 version 1.0.1

  • The first public release!

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