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EasyHelp 1.0 BETA #1

EasyHelp is temporarily unavailable. Trademark infringement ussues. It will be back with a new name sometime (soon)...

EasyHelp is a 100% free program that makes Windows compatible help files. EasyHelp can create both HTML-helps (not in BETA!) and ordinary HLP-helps. List of some features:

  • Very nice interface!
  • Lets you do complete helps in HTML-format or in the original help-format with ease!
  • Multilingual!
  • Very user friendly!
  • Powerful, flexible and very customizable!
  • Huge help file which gives you every little detail about EasyHelp!
  • And much more...

Available languages

Available languages included in the download:

  • English English, by Toni Helenius

Download and installation
Download EasyHelp from the BETA-pages!!

System requirements
EasyHelp has minimal requirements. It will work almost in every machine where Microsoft Windows is installed. Here are the basic requirements for Microsoft Windows, and EasyHelp.
  • 486
  • 8mb RAM
  • Windows 95/98/ME/NT 3.51 (or newer)/2000/XP

Misc info

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EasyHelp mainscreen

What's new?

Lot's of =)