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EasyComm is a small program which can be used to communicate with any MicroSoft® Windows® compatible Local Area Network (LAN) . Very simple task, but try to find something better than EasyComm to do it! (Please remember that ToniArts may not be held accountable in any way if EasyComm affects your computer in a negative way.) Here is a list of some its features:

  • Very nice interface!
  • Very user friendly!
  • Very customizable!
  • Very fast!
  • Very reliable!
  • Equipped with an autoupdate feature!
  • Multi-language support!
  • Uses only a little amount of resources while running!
  • And much more...

Available languages
EasyComm has multi-language support which makes it possible for the user to make new languages easily. I always equip my programs with two languages; Finnish and English. If you speak other than those as your native language, please look below for your native language. If it doesn't exist please do one! N.B! In order to make one please e-mail me first. If you plan to translate the help too, please mention it as well! You can use the ToniArts Translator to help you in the job!

Available languages included in the download:

  • English English, by Toni Helenius
  • Finnish Finnish, by Toni Helenius
  • French French, by Claude Charries
  • Hungarian Hungarian, by Gábor Földes
  • Italian Italian, by ???
  • Polish Polish, by Darek Ciach
  • Portuguese (Brazil) Portuguese (Brazil), by Paulo José
  • Portuguese Portuguese, by José Cardoso
  • Serbian Serbian, by Slobodan Milanovic aka Zen
  • Spanish Spanish, by Vicente J. Molina

Download and installation

EasyComm is an self-extracting-EXE so, it won't require any special programs. Just start EComm1_2.exe.

Installing new version over previous version: (If you don't have a previous version on your system just run EComm1_2.exe and follow the instructions):

1) Go to Control panel and select Add/remove programs. Choose EasyComm from the list, then uninstall.
2) Manually delete the folder where EasyComm was (Uninstall doesn't know how to do this!).
3) Just start EComm1_2.exe and follow the instructions!

System requirements
EasyComm has minimal requirements. It will work almost in every machine where Microsoft Windows is installed. Here are the basic requirements for Microsoft Windows, and EasyComm.
  • 486
  • 8mb RAM
  • Windows 95/98/ME/NT 3.51 (or newer)/2000/XP
  • Windows 95 requires Winsock 2 update, available from
  • MicroSoft® Windows® compatible Local Area Network (LAN)

Misc info


I made EasyComm because about a year ago we bought a new computer. We decided to keep the old one and connect them together via a network. As I tired of using clumsy NETSEND messages, I decided to make communicating a little easier. After half year of intensive testing, I finally released EasyComm 1.0!

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What's new?
Version 1.0.1: The first public release!

Version 1.1.2: The second public release!

  • Adds ability to send/receive multilined messages
  • New ways to notify the user when a new message is received
  • Also added smart resizing
  • Other small enchantments...

  • The bug that log-file couldn't be saved if Windows was shutdown while EasyComm was running.

Version 1.2.3: The third public release!

  • Ability add/remove friends
  • EasyComm now covers the whole network, no matter what workgroup or domain you might be in
  • Messages are now crypted
  • Improved multilingual support

  • Option "start EasyComm on startup" is now saved
  • Fixed issues with lost EasyComm command messages (=clients now 100% find eachother)
  • Notifications are now done in logical order (the sound is now played correctly when the message arrives, not after clicking OK to a "you got new mail" message)

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