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EasyCleaner Blacklist #9
EasyCleaner is a small program which searches the Windows registry for entries that are pointing nowhere. EasyCleaner also lets you delete all kinds of unnecessary files such as temps and backups. You can search for duplicate files and you can view some interesting info about your disk space usage! You are also able to manage startup programs, invalid shortcuts and add/remove software list. ToniArts may not be held accountable in any way if EasyCleaner affects your computer in a negative way. List of some features:

  • Very nice interface!
  • Finds invalid registry entries ----> deleting them speeds up your computer!
  • Finds duplicate files ----> deleting them will free disk space!
  • Finds all unnecessary files like backups, temps etc. ----> deleting them will free disk space!
  • Finds all invalid shortcuts ----> deleting them will free disk space and increase usability!
  • Manage programs starting at Windows startup! ----> who knows, you might even catch a virus before it gets serious!
  • Manage Windows add/remove software listing!
  • Easily remove Internet Explorer's temporary Internet files, history and cookies!
  • Very user friendly!
  • Shows some interesting info about your disk space usage.
  • Very customizable.
  • Multi-language support!
  • Uses only little amount of recources while running!
  • Huge help file which gives you every little detail about EasyCleaner!
  • And much more...

Available languages
EasyCleaner has multi-language support which makes it possible for the user to make new languages easily. I always equip my programs with two languages; Finnish and English. If you speak other than those as your native language, please look below for your native language. If it doesn't exist please do one! N.B! In order to make one please e-mail me first. If you plan to translate the help too, please mention it as well! You can use the ToniArts Translator to help you in the job!

Available languages included in the download:

  • Bulgarian Bulgarian, by Zlobomir
  • Catalan Catalan, by Ferran Rius
  • Chinese (Simplified) Chinese (Simplified), by WnChina
  • Chinese (Traditional) Chinese (Traditional), by Zyca Ling
  • Croatian Croatian, by ALeN PLeŠA
  • Czech Czech, by GVG
  • Danish Danish, by Michael Thorsen
  • Dutch Dutch, by Bert Luyten
  • English English, by Toni Helenius
  • Estonian Estonian, by Toomas Tombergi
  • Finnish Finnish, by Toni Helenius
  • French French, by Claude Charries
  • Galician Galician, by Xosé Antón Vicente Rodríguez
  • German German, by Michael Mang
  • Greek Greek, by Harry Karayannis
  • Hungarian Hungarian, by Volthy
  • Italian Italian, by Marco D'Amato
  • Japanese Japanese, by Hadakadenkyu
  • Korean Korean, by Seongho Jeon
  • Lithuanian Lithuanian, by Edvinas Zubrys
  • Norwegian Norwegian, by Magnus Granås
  • Polish Polish, by Darek Ciach
  • Portuguese Portuguese, by Gato Preto
  • Portuguese (Brazil) Portuguese (Brazil), by Nelson A. H. de Carvalho
  • Russian Russian, by Maxim Filippov
  • Slovak Slovak, by Marián Hikaník
  • Spanish Spanish, by Miguel Mollejo Sánchez
  • Spanish (Argentina) Spanish (Argentina), by Nico Mendoza
  • Swedish Swedish, by Sture Bohlin
  • Turkish Turkish, by Erhan Burhan

Download and installation

EasyCleaner is a self-extracting-EXE; it won't require any special programs. Just start EClea2_0.exe.

Installing new version over previous version (if you don't have a previous version on your system just run EClea2_0.exe and follow the instructions):

1) Go to Control panel and select Add/remove programs. Choose EasyCleaner from the list, uninstall.
2) Manually delete the folder where EasyCleaner was (uninstall doesn't know how to do this!).
3) Just start EClea2_0.exe and follow the instructions!

System requirements
EasyCleaner has minimal requirements. It will work in almost every Microsoft Windows machine. Here are the basic requirements for Microsoft Windows (and EasyCleaner).
  • 486
  • 8mb RAM
  • Windows 95/98/ME/NT 3.51 (or newer)/2000/XP

Misc info

What is "blacklist"?

Like anti-virus software, EasyCleaner has a frequently-updating database. The difference is that blacklist tells EasyCleaner what to skip. It's a quick way to release a fix to EasyCleaner without updating the program itself and without downloading big files. The blacklist itself is a simple text file; you can view its contents with any text editor. The file is "BlackLst.ecb" in the EasyCleaner directory.


I made EasyCleaner because my computer's startup was taking several minutes (and it is 300Mhz) due to program installations and file deleting. As tested, EasyCleaner speeded up my computer almost to original level!

What is Windows registry?

Short brief about Windows registry; Windows saves info to registry about installed programs. Registry is like INI 2000 for programs, it replaces the use of INI-files. When programs are installed and deleted, invalid entries are left in Windows registry which slows the computer down. There is a medication for invalid entries: ToniArts' EasyCleaner!

Click on a thumbnail to get a bigger picture!

What's new?

Blacklist #9

  • Registry finder now skips "\BounceBack Express\", deleting it would cause "Bounceback Express 6.0" not to work correctly
  • Registry finder now skips "NewTech Infosystems\NTI", deleting it would cause "NewTech Infosystems" not to work correctly anymore
  • Registry finder now skips "\codemap\", deleting it would cause some problems with custom keyboard shortcut systems

Blacklist #8

  • Unnecessary file finder now skips "hpqgends.tmp", deleting it would cause certain HP printers not to work correctly anymore
  • Unnecessary file finder now skips "checksums.chk", deleting it would cause a game called "Anarchy Online" not to work correctly anymore
  • Unnecessary file finder now skips "TVChannelList.tmp", deleting it would cause "Power Cinema 4" not to work correctly anymore
  • Unnecessary file finder now skips "\Aspell\dict\", deleting it would cause "Aspell" not to work correctly anymore

Blacklist #7

  • Unnecessary file finder now skips "storable.ilk", deleting this caused F-Secure Internet Security 2005 Spam Control to break

Blacklist #6

  • Registry finder now skips "Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Setup\VarLDID", removal of these keys caused problems with Add/remove software Windows dialog (at least Windows ME)

Blacklist #5

  • MS Money file "insider.bak" skipped, caused MS Money to ask for re-installation
  • Registry finder now skips "Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\AutoplayHandlers", removal of these keys eliminated user selected autoplay options (Windows XP)

Blacklist #4

  • Windows 2000 backup service files now skipped (.bks)

Blacklist #3

  • LabView files skipped (.llb), caused the program not to start from a shortcut
  • I found a Eudora file DoNotDelete.tmp, obviously it's now being skipped
  • An Installshield file (_isuser.pch) is now skipped

Blacklist #2

  • Microsoft Office 2003 broke when deleting unnecessary files


  • Minor optimizations and changes

  • Add/remove sofware crashed if the entries were invalid. Fixed.
  • Space Usage didn't handle correctly right - to - left languages
  • Space Usage has its variables expanded, little larger memory usage but should work better with modern file/disk sizes
  • Sorting Space Usage's legend by size should now work on most CPUs


  • Minor optimizations and changes
  • The startup inspector no more recurses the keys, it only lists items from keys specified by Microsoft (removes the items named "1")

  • Duplicate file finder skip list now works
  • Finally fixed the invalid shortcut finders error, which caused it to search forever
  • No more "... invalid integer value ..." error on add/remove software


  • Added GB to the space usage, never know...
  • No more "please wait" in the space usage, instantly usable
  • Deleting IE temp internet files, cookies or history made a bit faster
  • User defined font, improves multilingual usage
  • Unnecessary files deletion is somewhat faster, it doesn't take exponential time to complete anymore. And the locked files are double checked just to make sure
  • Replaced the icons in the registry finder with lights (red, yellow, green). Of course the 2.0 will only have the green one (= safe to delete), it'll indicate that everything is deletetable, no more answering that question in e-mails...
  • Alternative location of the IE temp files, history and cookies. Should cover all Windows versions now
  • Add/remove software, instead of trying to display the icon of the "extra items", a blue light is displayed, this is to know which are the "extra items" in the list
  • Registry cleaner removes the first "\" from the path if found, there are few entries which display this and it's wrong. It didn't do any changes in my computer but I think it provides more compatibility in some Windowses
  • Added more places for the startup inspector to find (Windows 95/98/ME especially), now covers the whole thing
  • Changed the auto-update to react on build information (the last octet of a version number x.x.x.XXX) changes
  • Shortcut finder now handles all the environmental variables (%systemroot%), and always (removed the option)
  • Add/remove software now lists entries with no uninstall or location information as yellow, not red
  • Startup inspector now more accurately determines whether a file/folder exists or not
  • Updated contact and auto-update information
  • Support for HTML and PDF helps also (works from the main button only, does not respond to F1)

  • The space usage is fixed, now shows correctly the free space available
  • When saving undo information from startup inspector or add/remove software the entry name was used as the file name. Caused the undo file not to be saved when the entry name contained illegal characters (/, \, =, *, ?....). Fixed
  • Saving or printing the duplicate file finder resulted in error. Fixed
  • Registry cleaner now displays the error messages if needed, no more silent errors
  • The background color is now correctly applied to all forms


  • Duplicate files options "skip SYSBCUP" and "skip desktop.ini" now disabled at default
  • Made the add/remove software form wider (to increase the change that the user would spot the light indicators)
  • Mainform now resizeable, and size settings saved (for weird screen resolutions)
  • The 3 IE buttons, now when pressed they disable the main form, to prevent user interaction
  • Made the unnecessary file deletion much faster

  • Fixed the rare error message at startup "Access violation..."
  • If duplicate file finder didn't find any files from the disk, it displayed an error message
  • Find-button is now correctly disabled/enabled in duplicate file finder
  • If the undo folder didn't exist while deleting items from startup inspector or add/remove software, error "can't delete... reason can't create undo file" was raised
  • If undo-files from the registry cleaner didn't exists, but other undo-files were present in the same directory, the undo-tool didn't manage to display it correctly
  • 3 minor multilingual issues fixed (missing lines or invalid lines)

Version 2.0.5: The sixth public release!

  • Almost a complete re-write!
  • New interface
  • Registry cleaner now 110% accurate
  • New utility, add/remove cleaner
  • New utility, startup cleaner
  • New utility, undo-tool
  • Ability to clear IE temporary files, history and cookies
  • Ability to clear the most recently used list
  • Lots of more options in unnecessary file finder (IE cookies, history and temp files, temp dirs, MS Office recent, custom dirs)
  • Duplicate file finder re-writen, unbelievable speed!
  • Start-menu cleaner --> Shortcut cleaner, more efficient + ability to search the desktop
  • Auto-update
  • Blacklist, like the virus-definition file in anti-virus software. Fast fix to new found problems

  • The infamous bug in Windows XP/ME that made help & support unusable after registry clean
  • EasyCleaner broke Office XP after deleting unnecessary files

Version 1.7f.4: The fifth public release!

  • Normal and extra search was now possible do at the same time in unnecessary file finder

  • With large fonts the interface went unreadable
  • Problem in permanetly deleting files

Version 1.7.4: The fourth public release!

  • New unnecessary file types identified
  • Multilingual support
  • New utility, start-menu cleaner
  • Smart resize
  • Ability to save and print the listings
  • Duplicate file finder totally re-written for speed and stability
  • Other small things...

Version 1.5.3: The third public release!

  • Helps!
  • New unnecessary file types identified
  • Increased speed

  • All the selected registry entries couldn't be deleted at one time

Version 1.4.2: The second public release!

  • New interface
  • New utility, duplicate file finder
  • New utility, unnecessary file finder
  • New utility, space usage
  • Other small enchantments...

Version 1.0.1: The first public release!

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