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Reporting bugs
9 reports out of 10 come without the needed information, that results in wasting time for both parties. Me asking all the same questions over and over again, and you getting fed up with such. These instructions are not only for contacting ToniArts matters, I'm pretty sure they apply to all software developpers. Please follow the simple list before posting a bug:
  1. Make sure you have the latest version, the problem might be already fixed (see the about for your version number and compare it to the one on the corresponding program page)
  2. See the FAQ and the forums in case the problem is already known or solved

Now you're completed the following, it's time to grab the pen and write me a line. A bug report must contain at least the following:

  • The name of the program and the exact version number (x.x.x.xxxx), again found from the about (and no, "latest" is not a version number)
  • The operating system you're running it in, with Service Pack information. No need for more detail.
  • Possible translation you're using
  • Can you reproduce the problem? This also helps you describe the steps and details to me
  • Detailed description of the problem, any error messages, anything at all! The more the merrier! A screenshot is always a plus
  • Anything else you can think of that I didn't think of while writing this

The don'ts in a bug report:

  • Please avoid sending screenshots and images (or anything else) in Microsoft Word format. Images are best saved as images, preferably in PNG or JPG format but anything will do just as well =) And since I don't always have a high speed connection (ADSL 256/256 takes about 30 minutes of checking one day's mail), so if you can, please crop the image! Sure the babe on your 3000x78 000 desktop is really good looking, but usually the small 100x100 is enough!
  • The same applies to lists (such as EasyCleaner's registry listing), you can most likely save them as something more convenient than take millions of screenshots from a long list! HTML attachment in an e-mail is good

The reports can be sent to my e-mail. Reporting possible bugs helps you and me!

What is a screenshot?
Screenshot means an image of the screen like you see it in front of you. Like taking a photo of your display. People usually speak with different terms, there is no such simple thing that couldn't be misunderstood. To make all parties understand what is really happening, a screenshot tells it all.

How to?

  1. When you have the Kodac moment on the screen, press a key usually labeled Print Scrn. This copies the screen to the clipboard.
  2. Open your favourite graphic program, if you don't have one it is the Paint that comes with the Windows.
  3. Simply select paste and an image should appear on the screen.
  4. Save it preferably in JPG format, but probably all will be readable just as well. Done!