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BETA software means it's not ready yet. It may lack features from the final product and may have some bugs. It has been tested by me, so in any means it doesn't mean dangerous software. BETA is an important way to make software you would like to use. Please join the BETA testing commune, send feedback and reports!

EasyCleaner 2.1 BETA #2 (1.12.2006)

Release info (change log BETA #1 -> BETA #2)

  • [Bug fix] The file deleter could have waited what seems to be forever
  • [Bug fix] Some translation strings
  • [Bug fix] The duplicates finder could crash if too little files found
  • I made an option that makes EasyCleaner check each file that is it in use before deleting -> don't even try. On by default
  • New icon! Thanks to Silvio Cesar Sousa Rodrigues
  • Translations handled in a safer way
  • Speeded up the registry cleaner a little
  • Speeded up the startup inspector a little
  • Some optimizations
  • English help partly done (I just wanted to give you a sneak preview)

Release info (change log 2.0 -> 2.1 BETA #1)

  • [Bug fix] Unnecessary files' custom directories info might got corrupted
  • [Bug fix] Unnecessary and duplicate files might run out of resources if too many items are found (all lists can now hold 4 294 967 295 items without problems, virtuality)
  • [Bug fix] Unnecessary and duplicate files drive selector didn't always give correct drive paths
  • [Bug fix] EasyCleaner may not start if a 3rd party Windows theming program (Winblinds etc.) was enabled
  • [Bug fix] Tab stops fixed to logical order
  • [Bug fix] Duplicate file finder now cleans up after it (the temp files)
  • Overall performance fixes (almost every utility is now executed in 2-4 times faster, as well as memory usage 2-10 time lower. Less I/O operations...)!
  • Cosmetical improvements!
  • The status indicators are now in different shapes too (color blind users)
  • Blacklist #10
  • Registry cleaner multi-threading
  • Duplicate files now can match the files with MD5 checksum too
  • Startup inspector is now more thorough and accurately determining the existance of the items
  • File deletions are now handled by an external thread -> deletions abortable and responsive EasyCleaner
  • Autoupdate tool is now useable by other than a nuclear scientist too (no more cryptic messages)
  • Proxy can now have username and password (password protected of course)
  • The extra button on the title bar removed, you can now set EasyCleaner to minimize to tray from the ordinary minimize button
  • Many general improvements!
Thanks to all for your feedback and support.

Other info

Don't use command line parameters. Not implemented yet! And help files are only partly done in English.

Known issues

  • None, works like a charm

Updated 1.12.2006


  • Command line parameters


Download EasyCleaner now (1,15MB)!


The file is a ZIP archive. You need a program like WinZip to open it, or Windows XP (or newer).
Open the archive and extract the files to a location you want to use EasyCleaner from. Now the BETA is officially installed! To open EasyCleaner, select the EasyClea.exe from the extraction location. Right click it and select open!

EasyHelp BETA release 1
Additional release info:
  • Fully functional, only few functions are not yet implemented!
  • The Finnish language file shipped with EasyHelp isn't actually Finnish, don't mind it!
  • See its pages for more general information!
  • Report bugs!!
  • FULL documentation is shipped with EasyHelp, read more info from there.
  • See a screenshot of it in EasyHelp's own pages!

Known bugs and disfunctionalities in EasyHelp BETA 1

  • Do NOT use any other editor to edit or create your project files. Opening these in EasyHelp will most likely cause EasyHelp to crash. The crash thing will be fixed but the compatibility issues with other editors will remain the same..
  • Inserting large pictures (by large I mean pictures bigger that about 40x40, there is NO REAL limit) to your projects cause EasyHelp to save your project for a long time. And not always with success, the RTF may corrupt! Will be fixed!

I'm very eager to get some feedback about the EasyHelp, so please do send it. If you don't have any comments concerning it, I don't mind. But I'd love to get at least a plain e-mail like "I'm using your EasyHelp!" so that I could see how you people like this project! My e-mail is

Download EasyHelp now (1,70MB)! NOT AVAILABLE, trademark infringement ussues...