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Important notice is no longer my web site, my web site now and in the future will be this ( (also .net and .org belong to this same group) is just cheating people for money, I've asked them to stop, repeatedly, with no luck. To get those auto-updates working on my programs you need to change the update URL from the options. Instead of use


20th May 2007
Wondering if EasyCleaner is compatible with Windows Vista? The answer is yes! As the quickest of you already read from the forums how to make EasyCleaner work in Vista, I recently bought a Vista and I can confirm this. Just select EasyCleaner to run with administator rights (or disable the user control completely). This also applies to many other software. You can read detailed information from the forums.

As the EasyCleaner 2.1 is delayed I can do the little updates to make it seamlessly look like it was born as siamese twin with Vista, without loosing any XP/2000 compatibility. But the schedule for this is unknown, since I'm working long hours coding as summer job already, so it might be that I wont have any energy left to pursue ToniArts' dreams. But by no means ToniArts is dead, it is just sleeping, learning & designing for a while to give you the quality you deserve (that's the highest)!

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