Valitettavasti Juhan af Grannin biografia on toistaiseksi saatavilla vain englanninkielisenä...

Juhan af Grann producer and director, was born in Finland, in the neighborhood of the Arctic Circle.  
Juhan af Grann's father was a gruff guerrilla chief during the war. After that, he hunted bears, wolves, wild fowl and was also keen in sealing and fishing in the severe Arctic conditions. From a young age onward, Juhan's father took Juhan with him on these dangerous hunting trips. But the mind of this artistic and sensitive boy yearned for the arts. Juhan af Grann was only 8 years old when he ran away from home and joined a travelling group of actors and finally, ended up as a child actor in an established theatre.


As a child actor, Juhan af Grann was very well known in Finland just as Charles Chaplin was in his time in England. He played over 30 theatre roles, among them remarkable dramatizations like Eugene O'Neill's "Ah, wilderness". A reviewer of high standing wrote in his published newspaper critique about Grann this child actor: "Unless this young and able sapling proves to be an excellent actor I'm not an able prophet myself." "Had Juhan af Grann been born into another language area, he would have become a great star in Hollywood like Marlon Brando." is a quote often stated about him by professionals in the film industry that knows him.




Juhan af Grann wanted to develop himself as an artist. Finland was too small a country for that purpose. After school and army, he left to study in Germany, where he - being tainted - gained a post as a designer in a large advertising agency.

From Germany Juhan af Grann moved to Poland, the Mecca of the film industry, where he followed in the footsteps of Roman Polanski, quoted as being the master of horror. He received only 24 hours notice to leave the country ruled by the communist leader Wladyslaw Gomulga. After leaving Poland, in order to enhance his skills, Juhan af Grann moved to Hungary, and later to Germany and England.

Then, Juhan af Grann returned to his home country and developed a remarkable career as a TV-director. He has directed and produced over a hundred TV-programs and dozens of advertising films/ commercials. His TV-programs vary from subjects about nature and culture to high technology and paranormal phenomena and from ordinary people to statesmen. This tainted and original personed and original person with a sparkling wit, Juhan af Grann, is a sensational and controversial director in Scandinavia, which is evidenced by the more than 3,000 interviews, articles and chatty articles published about him.  

In his home country, Finland, Grann is a persecuted dissident that has been denied all the great works. Some narrow-minded party politruks would have imprisoned him at an early stage into a forced labour camp of political prisoners like in Brezhnev's time in the USSR.

A TV-company prevented Grann from taking part in international TV-film competitions in which he had been invited to participate.



Being an artist and quoted as being the "Picasso of the North", Juhan af Grann fought against the TV-leadership. By selling his paintings, he financed his trip to the USA, where he won a Special Jury Award at the Tenth American lnternational Film Festival held in the Virgin Islands. "Cry of the Earth", the awarded film is said to be the first impressive cry of the distress of nature. His latest work "A New Apocalypse - the Last Exodus of Mankind", is a cosmic cry of the distress of nature and mankind.


The loved and hated Grann was expelled from the TV-company. He received a 15-minute notice to clear his desk and leave the company premises. After that he founded his own TV-program production company, which has enabled him to make his own way and, thus produced for instance the TV-program "UFOs and Paranormal Phenomena".

The TV-series "UFOs and Paranormal Phenomena" turned out to be a great success at the MIP-TV Festival in Cannes, and the well known world-wide professional journal TV World appreciated it high enough to give it a cover page. The greatest works of Grann are still to be seen. One of them will be "A New Apocalypse - the Last Exodus of Mankind" where Juhan af Grann charts the connection between the universe and mankind through religious prophecies and Scientific conceptions.


The Universe, other civilizations in the cosmic, expansion of consciousness, the new human being and planet Earth with a thousand-year realm of peace are the main factors in this new great work with a vision of the future created by Grann. Juhan af Grann, called by the press "the Master of Picture and Sound", always unconditionally seeks perfection in his works. Grann has received awards in New York as well as in the first Moscow Film Festival organized after the fall of the communism where he received a joint special Vita Longa Award. Grann has been invited as a special guest to the lnternational Film Festival in St. Petersburg. His production will be presented during the festival at the two largest cinemas in St. Petersburg. Russian TV will make a TV-program about Juhan af Grann as a director and introduces films he has directed.


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