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2008.12.18 THQ Selects NVIDIA PhysX Technology For Use In Its WorldWide Studios
2008.12.18 New Notebook Graphics Drivers Unlocks the Latest CUDA and PhysX Applications for Notebook Users
2008.12.08 EA Signed On To License NVIDIA PhysX Technology
2008.12.08 2K GAMES Licenses NVIDIA PhysX Technology For Its Studios Worldwide
2008.12.04 NVIDIA PhysX Plug-ins for Autodesk 3ds Max and Maya released
2008.11.19 DICE Puts Faith In NVIDIA PhysX Technology For Mirror's Edge
2008.08.26 NVIDIA Physx Technology To Power New Game From Futuremark Games Studio - Shattered Horizon
2008.08.21 NaturalMotion Launches morpheme 2.0 at NVISION 2008 with Integration of NVIDIA PhysX Technology (PDF)
2008.08.19 Emergent’s Gamebryo Game Engine To Incorporate NVIDIA Physx Technology
2008.08.18 Realtime Worlds Puts Out An APB For NVIDIA Physx Technology
2008.08.12 NVIDIA Makes Physics A Reality For Gamers - PhysX for GeForce 8/9/GT200, GeForce Power Pack released
2008.08.11 Bionic Commando To Include NVIDIA PhysX Technology
2008.08.08 Nvidia To Release Free GeForce Experience Pack
2008.07.29 NVIDIA Brings New World of Gaming to Notebook PCs - PhysX support for GeForce 9800M and 9700M
2008.07.20 AMD supportive of PhysX on Radeon
2008.07.03 PhysX GPU Acceleration on Radeon Update
2008.06.27 PhysX Demo Competition from The Game Creators and NVIDIA
2008.06.26 PhysX GPU Acceleration on Radeon HD 3850
2008.06.25 Microsoft Rolls Out Red Carpet for PC Gaming’s Brightest Stars - NVIDIA will show a variety of physics demos and games
2008.06.16 Graphics Evolves Beyond Gaming With New NVIDIA Geforce GTX 200 GPUs
2008.05.29 Nvidia looks to cross-platform support after NaturalMotion deal
2008.05.28 NVIDIA and NaturalMotion Announce Strategic Partnership (PDF)
2008.05.14 Nvidia completes absorption of physics chip maker - AGEIA website is no more
2008.05.06 "NVIDIA PhysX" page now online - New NVIDIA PhysX SDK and system software versions released
2008.04.14 Nvidia GPU physics engine up and running, almost
2008.03.10 Nvidia offers PhysX support to AMD/ATI
2008.02.19 DX Studio v2.3 Released
2008.02.19 Adobe Launches Director 11
2008.02.14 Nvidia finalises Ageia deal, details future plans
2008.02.13 NVIDIA completes Acquisition of AGEIA Technologies
2008.02.06 Nvidia May Continue with Dedicated Physics Processors - Ageia
2008.02.04 NVIDIA to Acquire AGEIA Technologies
2008.01.07 CES 2008: PC Perspective - Images of Dell XPS M1730 with AGEIA PhysX 100M
2008.01.07 NaturalMotion uses PhysX in Backbreaker


2008.11.20 AnandTech: NVIDIA Fall Driver Update (rel 180) and Other Treats - Let's Talk about PhysX Baby
2008.08.14 FiringSquad: PhysX Performance Update: GPU vs. PPU vs. CPU
2008.06.27 Techgage: NVIDIA's PhysX: Performance and Status Report
2008.01.31 DriverHeaven: AGEIA PhysX Card
2008.01.31 Ten Ton Hammer: Warmonger Operation: Downtown Destruction Review


2008.12.22 Legit Reviews: Cryostasis Benchmarking With Triple-SLI PhysX
2008.12.16 PC Games Hardware: Cryostasis: DirectX 10 tech demo of the Physx shooter reviewed
2008.12.16 FiringSquad: Cryostasis Techdemo PhysX Performance
2008.08.08 The Guru of 3D: PhysX by NVIDIA - A review of what to expect
2008.08.06 Techgage: NVIDIA's PhysX: Performance and Status Report - Part 2
2008.08.06 The Tech Report: A first look at Nvidia's GPU physics
2008.08.06 HotHardware: NVIDIA GPU PhysX Pack Preview
2008.08.06 FiringSquad: PhysX Performance with GeForce - ATI benchmarks included, PhysX driver for GeForce 8/9/200 on August 12th
2008.08.05 Elite Bastards: GPU physics for the masses - NVIDIA's PhysX Pack 1
2008.08.05 Driver Heaven: nVidia PhysX Starring the Zotac 9800 GTX+
2008.07.10 SLI Zone Forums: Geforce 9800GTX+ Performance Preview - GPU vs. CPU PhysX in Unreal Tournament 3
2008.06.20 Tech ARP: NVIDIA Launches PhysX! - GeForce v177.39 + NVIDIA PhysX v8.06.12 (press version)
2008.06.20 The Guru of 3D: NVIDIA PhysX Quick Test - GeForce v177.39 + NVIDIA PhysX v8.06.12 (press version)
2008.06.20 4Gamer: 3DMark Vantage GPU PhysX driver benchmarks - GeForce v177.39 + NVIDIA PhysX v8.06.12 (press version)
2008.06.16 Benchmark Reviews: GPU Physics Performance - GeForce GTX 280 vs. Intel Core 2 Q6600
2008.06.16 The Guru of 3D: GeForce PhysX aka NVIDIA PhysX - GeForce GTX 280 review


2008.12.18 PC Perspective: NVIDIA answers questions about notebook driver announcement
2008.12.11 Bit-Tech: AMD says PhysX will die - Godfrey Cheng
2008.10.28 The Bright Side Of IT: PhysX can double PC game sales - Roy Taylor
2008.10.27 t-break: nVidia Gitex Interview - Graphics Plus - Daniel Saison & Serge Lemonde
2008.09.25 Bit-Tech: Roy Taylor on Physics, AI and making games fun
2008.08.25 Fudzilla: Nvidia’s Roy talks about PhysX - Roy Taylor
2008.08.21 Gamasutra: Nvidia's Carillo On The Physics Revolution - Tony Carillo
2008.05.27 Exclusive: NaturalMotion, Nvidia To Integrate Morpheme, PhysX - Torsten Reil
2008.02.23 Next Generation: GDC: AGEIA Buyout Means Physics For All - Michael Steele
2008.02.06 Fudzilla: Ageia talks to Fudzilla after acquisition - Dan Forster
2008.02.05 X-bit labs: Ageia Goes Green: The Future of Ageia PhysX Discussed - Michael Steele
2008.02.04 FiringSquad: NVIDIA AGEIA PhysX Acquisition Interview - Derek Perez


2008.12.14 FPSLabs: PhysX: Where’s the beef?
2008.10.24 Tom Karpik: Enabling Hardware Physics Acceleration on the New (and Old) MacBook Pro
2008.06.25 PC Perspective: NVIDIA, PhysX, and the "C" Word
2008.06.20 Eurogamer: NVIDIA, CUDA and PhysX
2008.04.18 TechRadar: Physics for the masses
2008.04.14 Bit-Tech: Nvidia Analyst Day: Biting Back at Intel
2008.02.12 AnandTech: NVIDIA Acquires AGEIA: Enlightenment and the Death of the PPU
2008.02.06 Develop Mag: Where next for NVidia and Ageia?
2008.02.05 Tom's Hardware: Analysis: Nvidia's Ageia Purchase - A Brilliant Move?
2008.02.04 PC Perspective: NVIDIA Buys AGEIA: How it affects you
2008.01.09 Gaming Nexus: CES 2008: Ageia
2008.01.06 Engineering professor helped develop technology for games - Sanjay Patel

ASUS PhysX P1 & P1E

Product Site

- PCI and PCI-E
- Memory capacity: 128MB (GDDR3)
- PCI model released: May 9, 2006

2008.05.24 Newegg: ASUS PHYSX P1E 128MB 128-bit GDDR3 PCI Express x1 (?)
2006.08.13 Hardware Asylum Forums: Asus P1 PhysX Cooling Mod (Zalman VF900-Cu)

BFG PhysX Accelerator

Product Site

- Memory capacity: 128MB (GDDR3)
- Released: May 9, 2006

2006.04.20 - Watercooling mod #1
2006.04.20 - Watercooling mod #2


Product Site

- Memory capacity: 128MB (GDDR3)
- Release date: October 2006



- PPU for gaming notebooks
- Power consumption 10W


2007.01.18 Image of OEM PCI-E PhysX Accelerator [Techgage]

- PhysX Accelerator "Physics Processing Unit" (PPU) was officially announced March 8th, 2005
- Dedicated chip designed to offload physics calculations from the CPU/GPU to the PPU
- Aimed for video/computer games and other applications
- Can be used for General-Purpose computation
- May be integrated in graphics cards, motherboards or mobile devices in the future
- PCI add-in card (PCI-E x1 version expected to be available in 2007)
- Manufactured by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC)
- Chip: 125 million transistors, 182 sq mm die size, 130nm process, multi-core system (multiple independent processing elements)
- Processor clock frequency: 250-266MHz or 500-533MHz (?)
- Chip is optimized for 32-bit floating-point math
- Sphere-sphere collision/sec: 530 Million max
- Convex-convex (complex) collisions/sec: 533,000 max
- Memory interface: 128bit GDDR3
- Memory capacity: 128MB
- Memory bandwidth: 12GB/sec
- Effective memory data rate: 733MHz
- Internal read/write memory bandwidth: ~2Tbits/s
- Peak instruction bandwidth: 20 billion instructions/sec
- Power consumption: chip = 20 watts (peak), entire PhysX card = 26-28 watts
- 12V Molex connector for additional power source
- PhysX Accelerator enabled OEM systems launched in March 22, 2006
- Retail PCI 128MB PhysX Accelerator launched in May 9, 2006
- Retail PhysX Accelerator manufacturers: ASUSTeK Computer, BFG Technologies & ELSA Japan
- SDK/API: AGEIA PhysX API (formerly called NovodeX Physics SDK), multi-threaded (multi-processors/multi-core CPUs), PhysX native, PC & console support
- PhysX API/SDK supports both software and hardware modes and does not necessarily require a PPU
- PhysX SDK v2.3 was the first public version that supported the PPU and also worked as a software PPU emulation tool

Miscellaneous Links

AGEIA - Link Silicon Valley Company Summary
European Patent Office - AGEIA patents
US Patent & Trademark Office - Search for AGEIA in published applications
US Patent & Trademark Office - Search for AGEIA in issued patents
US Patent & Trademark Office - Search for NovodeX in published applications