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CUDA In The News
NVIDIA News & Events

2009.08.06 Batman: Arkham Asylum To Support NVIDIA PhysX Technology
2009.08.04 SIGGRAPH 2009: NVIDIA Launches The World's First Interactive Ray Tracing Engine - 64-bit PhysX engine
2009.06.03 Cryostasis NVIDIA PhysX Performance Patch Available
2009.04.28 Sega Licenses NVIDIA PhysX And Apex Technologies For Global Studios
2009.04.28 The Future Of Mankind Depends On NVIDIA PhysX Technology
2009.04.28 NVIDIA PhysX Technology Brightens Darkest Of Days
2009.04.28 NVIDIA PhysX Technology Makes The Thrilling SCI-FI World Of Dark Void Come Alive
2009.04.09 BumpTop's 3D desktop uses touchscreen, OpenGL and nVidia PhysX
2009.03.31 Underwater Hunters in U-Wars Take Aim at NVIDIA PhysX Technology
2009.03.27 Nvidia considers porting PhysX to OpenCL
2009.03.26 NVIDIA PhysX Technology Now Integrated Into Trinigy Vision Engine 7
2009.03.26 BigWorld 2.0 Game Engine To Incorporate NVIDIA PhysX Technology
2009.03.25 New NVIDIA APEX Technology Accelerates Physics Creation Pipeline For Content Developers
2009.03.24 Adobe Introduces Director 11.5
2009.03.20 First PhysX-enabled games arrive on iPhone
2009.03.19 NVIDIA Becomes A Nintendo WorldWide Third Party Tools Provider With PhysX SDK For Wii
2009.03.18 SpeedTree 5.0 Beta to Debut at GDC (PDF)
2009.03.17 NVIDIA Provides Physics Technology For PLAYSTATION 3
2009.03.09 Emergent Integrates Gamebryo LightSpeed with NVIDIA PhysX Technology for Wii Development
2009.03.06 Cryostasis PhysX patch on the way
2009.02.24 NVIDIA Presentations at GDC 2009
2009.01.27 NaturalMotion Releases Morpheme 2.0, Adds PhysX Integration
2009.01.08 NVIDIA Doubles Down In Vegas With Two New High-End GPUs - GeForce GTX 295 and GeForce GTX 285 launched
2009.01.08 NVIDIA Raises The Graphics Performance Bar For Mainstream Notebooks - GeForce 100M GPU series announcement

General PhysX Info

NVIDIA GeForce configurations for PhysX
SLI PhysX FAQ at FiringSquad
Introduction to CUDA Toolkit
PhysX SDK Features
APEX (Adaptive Physics EXtensions)
The New "X" Factor: An Introduction to NVIDIA PhysX

- NVIDIA completed the acquisition of AGEIA in February 13, 2008.
- PhysX API has been ported onto NVIDIA CUDA Toolkit.
- PhysX can be run on PC (CPUs, NVIDIA CUDA-enabled GPUs and PPUs (PhysX Accelerator, Physics Processing Unit), PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii and iPhone.
- SLI PhysX has two modes: conventional (physics/graphics workload shared) & multi-GPU (workloads separated).
- GeForce driver v180.48 enabled support for asymmetric multi-GPU configurations (example: GTX 280 does graphics, 8800GT does physics)
- Download latest GeForce WHQL driver version for desktops and notebooks here.
- Download latest GeForce Beta driver version for desktops and notebooks here.
- Download latest PhysX System Software version here.
- Download latest free PhysX Software Development Kit version here.


APEX videos at NVIDIA Cuda YouTube channel

2009.08.18 - Darkest of Days PhysX on vs. PhysX off
2009.08.18 - Cryostasis PhysX on vs. PhysX off
2009.08.07 - Batman: Arkham Asylum PC demo PhysX on/off
2009.07.15 explicitSurfaceTracking.avi - Fast and Robust Tracking of Fluid Surfaces, 29.5MB [Matthias Müller-Fischer
2009.07.15 hierarchicalPBD.avi - Hierarchical Position Based Dynamics, 41.8MB [Matthias Müller-Fischer
2009.06.17 - Proceduralcity: Structure - Procedural System V0.1, 132MB [Proceduralcity]
2009.05.08 Cryostasis PhysX side-by-side video
2009.04.22 GDC09: NVIDIA talks PhysX and the new GTX 275
2009.03.31 - Star Tales GPU PhysX cloth physics tech demo
2009.03.27 GDC 2009 presentation: NVIDIA APEX: From Mirror’s Edge to Pervasive Cinematic Destruction to Real-Time Fluid Simulation
2009.03.27 GDC 2009 presentation: NVIDIA APEX: High-Definition Physics with Clothing and Vegetation
2008.12.16 - Cryostasis techdemo (NVIDIA PhysX, DirectX 10)
2008.11.19 - Mirror's Edge PhysX trailer
2008.08.18 - Pyroblazer trailer
physx_demo_videos_4gamer_200807.rar - NVIDIA PhysX demo videos: Elastic/soft-body, fluid, hair/cloth, destruction [4Gamer]
2008.06.16 nvidia_gt200_gaming beyond_16-9.mpg - NVIDIA PhysX game footage, 252MB [NVIDIA]
2008.05.22 nurien_nvidia_physx_demos.rar - Cloth, hair etc. simulated using GeForce GTX 280, 49.8MB
2008.01.08 - Dell XPS M1730 with AGEIA PhysX 100M "Overview of Accessories and Hardware"
2007.10.05 - Warmonger - Operation: Downtown Destruction gameplay + AGEIA interview
2007.09.25 - TigerDirect presents the BFG Ageia PhysX Accelerator Card [TigerTV]
2007.09.20 - Warmonger - Operation: Downtown Destruction trailer
2007.08.23 - Unreal Tournament 3 PhysX-powered mod gameplay
2007.08.21 - Unreal Tournament 3 mod with Maximum-Impact PhysX (gameplay)
2007.08.21 Crazy_Machines_II_Trailer_high.wmv - Crazy Machines II HD trailer, 59.13M [FAKT Software]
2007.08.17 fluidSoftbody.avi - Interaction of Fluids with Deformable Solids, 16.8MB [Matthias Müller-Fischer]
2007.07.13 Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 with PhysX hardware
2007.07.07 PhysX_Technologies_Montag7.wmv - "PhysX SDK 2.7.2 Demonstrations" video by ShortStuf7, 39.2MB
2007.07.04 ssm.avi - Screen Space Meshes (real-time fluids), 66.3MB [Matthias Müller-Fischer]
2007.06.25 t_switchball.wmv - Switchball gameplay trailer, 8.41MB [Atomic Elbow]
2007.06.19 Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 AGEIA Island Trailer
2007.06.15 - Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 PC development diary #1 (AGEIA Island footage), 32.7MB
2007.05.30 - Real-time Simulations of Bubbles and Foam within a Shallow-Water Framework, 114MB [NToken v3.0]
2007.05.21 flood.avi - Flooding of a landscape, 4.73MB [Matthias Müller-Fischer]
2007.05.03 - Real-time Breaking Waves for Shallow Water Simulations, 40.4MB [NToken v3.0]
2007.04.27 - Speedball 2 teaser, 34.1MB [Frogster Interactive]
2007.04.25 - CellFactor: Revolution videos
2007.04.20 - Particle Fluid With an Ageia PhysX Card
2007.03.13 John Ratcliff: Automatic Generation of Dynamics Models (GDC 2007, PPT + videos), 97.1MB
2007.03.10 - Warmonger - Operation: Downtown Destruction GDC 2007 gameplay (no sound), 124MB [4Gamer]
2007.02.24 Auto Assault PhysX Effects Demo - Fluid, cloth, destruction & particles
2007.02.18 Softbodies5.wmv - Samples from the AGEIA PhysX SDK (video kindly provided by ShortStuf7), 8.92MB
2007.01.13 - Foliage/cloth interaction and demolition in Bet On Soldier: Black-out Saigon, 33.7MB
2007.01.06 fluids.avi - Fluids demo in Gravity-Engine (software PhysX), 8.76MB [Bongfish]
2007.01.05 - PhysX software (CPU) vs. PhysX hardware (PPU) in Auto Assault, 46.3MB
2006.11.15 SR-AA-trailer1.wmv - Stoked Rider: Alaska Alien trailer, 47MB [Bongfish]
2006.10.12 RoboBlitzGameplayDemoWM.wmv - Narrated gameplay demo, 39.92MB [Naked Sky]
2006.10.03 - Fully deformable objects with impact retention, 25.29MB
2006.09.28 - RealityMark (PPU vs. CPU #2)
2006.09.22 realitymark.flv - RealityMark (PPU vs. CPU #1), 7.49MB
2006.09.08 Crazy-Machines-2-Trailer.wmv - Crazy Machines 2 teaser, 3.97MB [FAKT Software]
2006.09.01 - AGEIA's Microsoft Gamefest 2006 PowerPoint presentation (videos included), 75.2MB
2006.08.11 - PhysX SDK 2.4.4 cloth simulation, 2.83MB
2006.08.07 CF_Revolution_Trailer.wmv - CellFactor: Revolution gameplay trailer, 282MB [Artifical Studios / Immersion Games]
2006.08.01 - Dark Physics PhysX demo videos
2006.07.12 - Bet On Soldier weapon demo, 3.74MB
2006.06.26 - Cebas ThinkingParticles 2.5 PhysX demo videos
2006.06.21 - Joint Task Force physics trailer, 12.33MB [Most Wanted]
2006.05.04 - Ghost Recon PhysX side by side demonstration, 3.28MB [GameSpot]
2006.05.03 - PhysX Video - Hangar of Doom [PC Perspective]
2006.05.02 AGEIA PhysX PPU Videos - Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter & CellFactor: Combat Training [PC Perspective]
2006.04.12 - Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter "CPU vs. PPU" comparison #2, 1.41MB
2006.04.01 CellFactor_TrailerNew.exe - CellFactor: Combat Training trailer #2, 398MB [Artifical Studios / Immersion Games]
2006.03.22 - Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter "CPU vs. PPU" comparison, 1.64MB (n/a)
2006.03.22 GDC 2006 demo videos - Hangar Of Doom, Bet On Soldier & CellFactor: Combat Training [PC Perspective]
2006.01.11 t_monstermadness_physx.wmv - Monster Madness PhysX gameplay trailer, 22.4MB [GameTrailers]
2005.09.22 - Various Softimage demo videos
2005.09.14 034.wmv - Realtime fluids, 18.5MB [PC WEB]
2005.09.14 027.wmv - Intel Pentium XE 840 HT Dual Core vs. AGEIA PhysX PPU, 17.9MB [PC WEB]
2005.08.15 hardocp_clip1.wmv - AGEIA's CEO Manju Hegde showcasing PhysX @ QuakeCon 2005 (begins at 44:43), 216MB [WASD.TV]
2005.08.08 - PhysX Destruction demo, 4.4MB [Airtight Games]
2005.07.29 12_Rigid_Body_Physics.wmv - Rigid Body Physics demonstration in Softimage XSI, 39.9MB [Softimage]
2005.07.27 - Various demo videos (large scale destruction, metal bending, fluid simulation)
2005.05.21 yager_physics_demo_e3_640x480.avi - Eye Of The Storm E3 2005 physics demo, 15.2MB [YAGER]
2005.05.21 eots_v1.1_720x480.avi - Eye Of The Storm pre-production E3 2005 teaser, 18.5MB [YAGER]
2005.05.20 unrealengine3demos.wmv - Unreal Engine 3 demo @ E3 2005 (physics part begins at 02:48), 56.2MB [nV News]
2005.05.19 side_by_side.wmv - Destruction of a building, 284KB [GD Hardware]
2005.05.18 - 11 Bink movies (EXEs) showcasing PhysX particle effects, 107MB [GameSpot]
2005.04.13 - Various demo videos [Matthias Müller-Fischer]
2005.03.10 - AGEIA interview (old liquid demo footage etc.), 48.6MB [GameSpot]


2009.08.07 SIGGRAPH_2009_APEX.pdf - Creating Immersive Environments with NVIDIA APEX
2009.08.04 NVIDIA OptiX ray tracing engine examples
2009.04.02 Graphics Plus Power Pack #3
2009.03.13 - Fluid physics demo [VU Echtzeitgraphik]
2008.12.16 CryostasisTechDemo.exe - Cryostasis PhysX/DirectX 10 technology demo (includes PhysX System Software v8.11.18)
2008.12.02 Graphics Plus Power Pack #2 - Individual download links included)
2008.08.12 Graphics Plus Power Pack #1 - Individual download links included
2008.08.12 PhysX FluidMark v1.0.0
2008.07.04 NV PhysX Tweaker 1.0 - A small tweak utility to en/disable GeForce PhysX and switch to CPU PhysX.
2008.02.21 GDC2008.pdf - Fast Water Simulation for Games using Height Fields [Matthias Müller-Fischer]
2007.11.20 AGEIA Extreme Physics mod pack for Unreal Tournament 3
2007.08.13 gameFluids2007.pdf - Real Time Fluids in Games [Matthias Müller-Fischer]
2007.05.30 screenSpaceMeshes.pdf - Screen Space Meshes [Matthias Müller-Fischer]
2007.05.08 CellFactor: Revolution - Free full game
2007.01.05 Ice Storm Fighters Game Technology Demo - For Intel multi-core CPUs
2006.10.27 carwash.exe - Interactive fluid physics demo (PhysX Accelerator required for fluids) [AGEIA]
2006.10.10 AGEIA RealityMark - Compares in-game performance of hardware and software PhysX
2006.09.05 Cubophobia - Physics driven puzzle game (PhysX driver required, PhysX Accelerator not required)
2006.05.13 cps_2006e3_aegia.mp3 - The Chris Pirillo Show: Manju Hegde of Ageia on Physics Processing Units
2006.05.09 hanger_of_doom_1.2.exe - PhysX tech demo, 824MB [Airtight Games]
2006.05.09 Cubewall - Interactive physics demo (PhysX hardware support)
2005.08.17 - Interactive Deformable Modeling Framework [Bruno Heidelberger]
2005.04.24 Show67_04-24-2005.mp3 - ChatterBox Video Game Radio interviews Andy Keane [ChatterBox]
2005.03.10 - Meqon physics demos (no PhysX hardware support) [Meqon Research]
2004.08.19 NovodexRocket_V1_1.exe - Interactive physics demo (no PhysX hardware support) [AGEIA]
2004.03.04 - Interactive physics demo (no PhysX hardware support) [Matthias Müller-Fischer]

Game & Industry Support

Official PhysX Games List
NVIDIA PhysX SDK Titles List
PhysX Info - Projects using PhysX SDK

Developers, Games, Engines etc.


2K Czech - Mafia II
4A Games - Metro 2033: The Last Refuge
8monkey Labs - Darkest of Days
Download demo here
Action Forms - Cryostasis: Sleep of Reason
Download demos here
Airtight Games - Dark Void
Akella - Moscow Racer
ASCARON Entertainment - Sacred II (and other next-generation titles)
Biart Studio - U-Wars
Black Lion Studios - Shadow Harvest
Codemasters - Race Driver: GRID
Download demo here
DICE - Mirror's Edge
FAKT Software - Crazy Machines 2
Download demo here
Fanafzar - Soshiant
Futuremark Games Studio - Shattered Horizon
Gas Powered Games - Space Siege
Gearbox Software - Aliens: Colonial Marines
Gearbox Software - Borderlands
Gearbox Software - Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway
GRIN - Bionic Commando
GRIN - Bionic Commando Rearmed
GRIN - Terminator Salvation: The Game
GSC Game World - S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky
NaturalMotion - Backbreaker
Nurien Software - Nurien 3D Social Network Service
Object Software - Metal Knight Zero
Piranha Bytes - Risen
Realtime Worlds - APB
Rocksteady Studios - Batman: Arkham Asylum
Download demo here
The Creative Assembly - Empire: Total War - Order of War

Game Engines

Emergent Game Technologies - Gamebryo
Miriscus Interactive - Maoli Engine
Neutron Engine
Simutronics - Hero Engine
Trinigy - Vision 7 Game Engine

Tools & Middleware

Adobe - Adobe Director 11.5
Mirvadim - RayFire Tool plugin for 3ds MAX
NaturalMotion - Morpheme 2.0
Interactive Data Visualization - SpeedTree 5


Bump Technologies - BumpTop

- - -

Note: If a game requires PhysX drivers it does not necessarily mean it is taking advantage of the PhysX Accelerator card.

Akella - Captain Blood
Airtight Games
Abyss Lights Studio - Abyss Lights: Frozen Systems
Artificial Studios / Immersion Games - CellFactor: Combat Training **
- LAN-only multiplayer
- Click here to download the CellFactor: Combat Training demo

Artificial Studios / Immersion Games - CellFactor: Revolution (free game) **
- Download the full game here
Artificial Studios - Monster Madness - Battle for Suburbia **
Atari - Dragonshard
Atomic Elbow - Switchball
Click here to download the 1 hour trial version
Big Huge Games - Rise Of Nations: Rise Of Legends **
- Click here for the demo
BioWare - Dragon Age (and other next-generation titles)
Black Element Software - Alpha Prime **
BlackFoot Studios / Artificial Studios - AGEIA RealityMark
BlueTorch Studios - Open Fire (free game)
Boanerges Studios
Bongfish Interactive Entertainment - Stoked Rider featuring Tommy Brunner
Bongfish Interactive Entertainment - Stoked Rider: Alaska Alien
- Click here for the demo
Candella Software - Pyroblazer
Céidot Game Studios - Sovereign Symphony **
ChessBase - FRITZ 9 (and other upcoming titles)
Composite Studios - Ancient Galaxy **
Crazy House - Tank Killer
Cryptic Studios - City Of Villains (and other next-generation titles) *
Cyanide Studios - Loki
- Click here for the demo
Destineer Studios
DICE - Mirror's Edge
DiezelPower Studios - Dogtag
DIOsoft - Pirates of the XXI Century
EA Los Angeles - Medal Of Honor: Airborne
- Download the single player demo here
EGN Interactive
Eipix - Ultra Tubes **
Epic Games - Unreal Tournament 3 (AGEIA Extreme Physics Mod Pack) **
Exkee - I-Fluid
FAKT Software - Crazy Machines II
- Download German version of the demo here (EXE)
FAKT Software - Gunship Apocalypse
Flying Lab Software - Pirates Of The Burning Sea
Frantic Games - 1944 D-Day: Operation Overlord
Frogster Interactive - Speedball 2
Frogwares Game Development Studio
Frozenbyte - Shadowgrounds Survivor
Futuremark Corporation - 3DMark06
- No PhysX hardware support
Futuremark Corporation - 3DMark Vantage **
Gaijin Entertainment
Game Consulting - Arena Online
GRIN - Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter **
- Click here for demo mirrors and here for the latest patches
GRIN - Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2 **
- Click here for multiplayer demo mirrors
- Click here for singleplayer demo mirrors
- Full game includes a PhysX hardware bonus level entitled "AGEIA Island"

GungHo Online Entertainment - Rondo Projects
Icarus Studios - Fallen Earth
IceHill - Empire Above All
Kuju Entertainment - Rail Simulator
Kylotonn Entertainment - Bet On Soldier: Blood Sport, Blood Of Sahara & Black-out Saigon **
- Click here to download Bet On Soldier v1.3 PhysX patch, 257MB
- Click here to download Blood Of Sahara demo

Larian Studios
Legendo Entertainment - Monster Truck Maniax
MercurySteam - Clive Barker's Jericho
Meridian 93
Metropolis Software - INFERNAL **
- Click here for the demo
MindArk - Entropia Universe
MiST Land
Monte Cristo - Silverfall
Most Wanted Entertainment - Joint Task Force
- Click here for demo mirrors
- Click here to download patch v1.1

Mythic Entertainment - Warhammer Online: Age Of Reckoning
Naked Sky Entertainment - RoboBlitz
- Click here for demo mirrors
Nival Interactive
NetDevil - Auto Assault **
NetDevil - Warmonger - Operation: Downtown Destruction (free game) **
Obsidian Entertainment
PerfectPlay Entertainment - Metathrone Project
Offset Software - Project Offset **
- Source for this info here
Orion Games - The Hunt
Pandora Studios
Piranha Bytes - Gothic 3
Real Time Worlds
Quantic Dream - KARMA / Heavy Rain
Ritual Entertainment
Secret Level
SEGA - GE2 Project (and other next-generation titles)
Shiny Entertainment Studio
Sigil Games Online - Vanguard: Saga Of Heroes
Signature Devices
Sixteen Tons Entertainment - The Show
Spark Unlimited - New Pandora game ***
- Source for this info here
Steel Monkeys - 2 Days To Vegas
Syncere Arts - Mahabharata: The Dawn of Kaliyuga **
Tarsier Studios - The Desert Diner **
Treehouse (Games Academy) - Fragfist
Widescreen Games
XL Games
YAGER Development - Eye Of The Storm
ZUXXEZ Entertainment - Two Worlds

* = PhysX hardware support in a patch
** = PhysX hardware support
*** = PhysX Accelerator required

Game Engines

Artificial Studios - Reality Engine
BioWare - Eclipse Engine
Dagor Game Engine
Emergent Game Technologies - Gamebryo
Epic Games - Unreal Engine 3
Irrlicht Engine - PhysX wrapper
OGRE 3D - NxOgre (wrapper)
Over The Edge Entertainment - Unity
Saber Interactive - Saber3D
The Game Creators - Dark Physics


Aspyr Media
Buka Entertainment
Game Factory Interactive
HD Publishing B.V.
Microsoft Game Studios - XNA Studio, Xbox 360
Midway Home Entertainment
NCSoft Corporation
Noviy Disk
Sony Computer Entertainment - PlayStation 3
Take-Two Interactive Software
Ubisoft Entertainment

Tools & Middleware

Autodesk - 3ds Max, Alias, Sparks
Cebas Computer - ThinkingParticles 2.5
Engenuity Technologies - AI.implant
EPHERE Productions - Ornatrix
FerReel Animation Labs - Blast Code
Fork Particle Studio
Khronos Group - COLLADA
NaturalMotion - Morpheme
OC3 Entertainment - FaceFX
Orbaz Technologies - Particle Flow Tools Box #2
RAD Game Tools - Granny 3D


Alion Science and Technology - Delta3D
AMTRI - PhysVis
Codeplay - Sieve C++ Parallel Programming System
Cogmation Robotics - robotSim
CRONOS Project - SIMNOS Robot simulator
Microsoft - Robotics Studio
Worldweaver - DX Studio 2.3


2009.02.03 FiringSquad: Mirror’s Edge PhysX Performance: PPU vs CPU vs GPU
2009.02.03 ExtremeTech: PhysX in Mirror's Edge


2009.02.23 PC Games Hardware: Sacred 2: Preview on the forthcoming Physx patch


2009.09.06 HiTechLegion: Live Interview with NVIDIA: A look into PhysX
2009.05.28 EVGA: Chat log with NVIDIA on CUDA
2009.03.11 DriverHeaven: NVIDIA Interview with Chris Daniel - Software Product Manager


2009.08.13 Tech ARP: The NVIDIA PhysX Tech Report

Miscellaneous Links

NVIDIA - Link Silicon Valley Company Summary
European Patent Office - NVIDIA patents
US Patent & Trademark Office - Search for NVIDIA in published applications
US Patent & Trademark Office - Search for NVIDIA in issued patents

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