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2006.11.22 AGEIA Empowers Professional Software Developers to Create Even More PhysX Applications Royalty Free
2006.11.15 AGEIA Technologies Launches "Fall For PhysX" Game Bundle
2006.11.07 BioWare to Integrate AGEIA PhysX Technology into Next-Generation Eclipse Engine
2006.11.06 Naked Sky Entertainment Launches First Entirely Physics Driven Unreal Engine 3 Based Game (RoboBlitz)
2006.10.31 AGEIA Technologies Forges Partnership with D&H Distributing
2006.10.12 AGEIA Shows Off Exclusive Pre-Release PhysX Titles And New Hardware at Digital Life
2006.09.02 AGEIA PhysX SDK v2.6 Brings Dynamic, Interactive Realism to Microsoft Windows Vista 64-bit & Linux Environments
2006.09.02 Ageia preps PCI Express games physics card
2006.09.27 AGEIA Joins Futuremark's 3DMark Benchmark Development Program
2006.09.27 RealityMark - The Physics Benchmarking Standard
2006.09.22 Games software used to visualise engineering processes
2006.09.12 Planet Physx Launched
2006.09.06 RAD Game Tools and AGEIA Integrate AGEIA PhysX Technology with Granny 3D Animation System
2006.09.06 AGEIA and NetDevil Talk Physics at Austin Game Conference
2006.08.21 Trinigy Integrates AGEIA PhysX Technology into Vision Engine 6.0 Game Engine
2006.08.21 Céidot Game Studios Supports AGEIA PhysX Processor in Sovereign Symphony
2006.08.21 Steel Monkeys Licenses AGEIA PhysX Technology for 2 Days To Vegas
2006.08.21 Nival Interactive Secures Publisher-wide License for AGEIA PhysX Technology
2006.08.03 Artificial Studios Brings Ultra-Realistic Physics and Intense Psychic Combat to Life With CellFactor: Revolution for the PC
2006.06.27 AGEIA Taps Chris Engel for Vice President of Sales and Michael Steele for Vice President of Marketing
2006.06.27 AGEIA Inks Publisher-Wide Agreement with Major Russian Publisher 1C Company
2006.06.20 Microsoft Robotics Studio Provides Common Ground for Robotics Innovation
2006.05.11 E3: PhysX engine maker remains Mac friendly, realistic
2006.05.10 Illusion Softworks Embraces AGEIA PhysX Technology
2006.05.10 GFI Signs Publisher-wide Agreement for AGEIA PhysX Technology
2006.05.10 ELSA Japan Signs Reseller Agreement for AGEIA PhysX Accelerator Cards in Japan and Korea
2006.05.10 Crazy House Supports AGEIA PhysX Processor in TANK KILLER
2006.05.10 Kuju Entertainment Supports AGEIA PhysX Processor in Rail Simulator
2006.05.10 NetDevil Inks License Agreement for AGEIA PhysX SDK
2006.05.10 HD Publishing B.V. Licenses AGEIA PhysX Technology for Joint Task Force and Upcoming Games
2006.05.09 AGEIA PhysX Powered Add-in Cards Now Available Worldwide
2006.05.08 ASUS Unveils World's First Add-In Card with PhysX Processing Unit
2006.05.05 AGEIA @ E3 2006 - News and updates from the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2006 (site also redesigned)
2006.05.05 BFG Technologies' Physics Cards To Be Available May 9, 2006 - List of retailers included
2006.05.01 Retail PhysX add-in cards in 128MB configuration only
2006.04.07 Gaijin Entertainment to Integrate AGEIA PhysX SDK into Dagor Game Engine
2006.04.07 Russian Publisher Akella Signs Publisher-wide Agreement with AGEIA, Supports AGEIA PhysX Processor
2006.04.07 Abyss Lights Studio Supports AGEIA PhysX Processor in Abyss Lights: Frozen Systems
2006.04.07 Russian Publisher Buka Entertainment Signs Publisher-wide License for AGEIA PhysX Technology
2006.04.07 Russian Publisher Noviy Disk Inks License Agreement for AGEIA PhysX Technology
2006.04.04 AGEIA Selected by OnHollywood as Top 100 Private Company Award Winner
2006.03.22 ASUS and AGEIA Co-develop the Breakthrough PhysX Processor
2006.03.22 AI.implant Version 4.0 Breaks New Ground for Game Developers
2006.03.22 BFG launches PhysX site
2006.03.22 Ubisoft Supports AGEIA PhysX Processor in Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter
2006.03.22 The Game Creators Integrate AGEIA PhysX Technology into DarkBASIC Professional
2006.03.22 Pelican Crossing to Integrate AGEIA PhysX SDK into User-Friendly Content Creation Tool Blink 3D
2006.03.22 Mystic Game Development to Integrate AGEIA PhysX Technology into newly released EMotion FX 3 Character Animation System
2006.03.22 Black Element Software to Support AGEIA PhysX Processor in Futuristic Space Shooter Alpha Prime
2006.03.22 Microsoft Game Studios Supports AGEIA PhysX Processor in Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends
2006.03.22 Sigil Games Online Supports AGEIA PhysX Processor in MMO Vanguard: Saga of Heroes
2006.03.22 Metropolis Software to Leverage Physics Acceleration of AGEIA PhysX Processor in INFERNAL
2006.03.22 Epic Games Supports AGEIA PhysX Processor in Unreal Tournament 2007
2006.03.22 AGEIA Brings First Dedicated Physics Processor To Market; Launches New Age in Interactive Gaming
2006.03.22 Official PhysX Accelerator product site launched
2006.03.22 PPU-powered Alienware arrives
2006.03.22 Ageia PhysX is getting closer
2006.03.21 AGEIA PhysX SDK for PLAYSTATION 3, Optimized for Cell Processor, to be Available on March 31st
2006.03.21 AGEIA PhysX SDK v2.4 Delivers Dynamic Cross-Platform Physics Game Action for PCs and Game Consoles
2006.03.21 NCsoft and Cryptic Studios to Support AGEIA PhysX Processor in Award-Winning City of Villains
2006.02.18 BFG Technologies PhysX teaser
2006.01.17 AGEIA and Emergent Announce Plan to Fully Integrate AGEIA PhysX SDK with Gamebryo 3D Graphics Engine & Tools
2006.01.17 Destineer Studios Supports AGEIA PhysX Technology in its Next-Generation Games


2006.10.10 AMDZone: Ageia RealityMark Review
2006.10.10 CdrInfo: ASUS PhysX P1 Card
2006.10.06 AMDZone: Asus Ageia PhysX Review
2006.09.27 The Guru of 3D: Gaming Physics: Einstein on a PCB - BFG PhysX Accelerator
2006.09.02 GotFrag Hardware: ASUS PhysX P1 Review
2006.07.21 PC Perspective: Asus PhysX P1 Physics Accelerator PCI Card Review
2006.07.07 GameDaily: BFG Ageia PhysX Card
2006.06.23 X-bit labs: AGEIA PhysX Physics Accelerator Review - ASUS PhysX Accelerator
2006.06.22 OC Workbench: ASUS AGEIA PHYSX PPU card Review 1
2006.06.22 The Tech Report: Ageia's PhysX physics processing unit - BFG PhysX Accelerator
2006.06.21 Digit-Life: ASUS PhysX P1
2006.06.19 Tom's Hardware: Can Ageia's PhysX Card Bring Real-World Physics to Games? - BFG PhysX Accelerator
2006.06.14 Hardware Asylum: On the Verge of Enhanced Physics Acceleration: Ageia PhysX - ASUS PhysX Accelerator
2006.06.02 Sci-Tech Today: Ageia PhysX Graphics Accelerator from BFG
2006.05.22 ExtremeTech: How Well Does Ageia's PhysX Accelerate Game Physics? - BFG PhysX Accelerator
2006.05.20 Hardware Zone: ASUS PhysX P1 GRAW Edition 128MB (PCI)
2006.05.19 GamePC: Physics Processing For All : BFG Tech’s AGEIA PhysX Card
2006.05.18 Legit Reviews: ASUS's AGEIA PhysX P1 Card
2006.05.17 AnandTech: BFG PhysX and Performance Updates
2006.05.16 Hardware-TEST: AGEIA PhysX by BFG
2006.05.12 Atomic: PhysX - Defying the Laws of Tradition - BFG PhysX Accelerator
2006.05.11 VR-Zone: ASUS PhysX P1 GRAW Edition
2006.05.10 FiringSquad: AGEIA's PhysX In Action: ASUS and BFG
2006.05.08 Bit-Tech: BFG Tech AGEIA PhysX PPU
2006.05.08 Hot Hardware: BFG Ageia PhysX Physics Card
2006.05.08 PC Perspective: BFG's AGEIA PhysX PPU Action Accelerator Card Review
2006.05.05 Techgage: Ageia PhysX: First Look - BFG PhysX Accelerator
2006.05.05 AnandTech: Exclusive: ASUS Debuts AGEIA PhysX Hardware
2006.05.04 HEXUS: AGEIA PhysX PPU (or Reg Hardware) - BFG PhysX Accelerator


2006.11.06 Gameworld Network: RoboBlitz Preview
2006.10.30 Hooked Gamers: Cell Factor: Revolution
2006.10.28 GameShark: RoboBlitz Preview
2006.09.23 IGN: TGS 2006: Cell Factor Hands-On - CellFactor: Revolution
2006.05.19 VIA Arena: The AGEIA PhysX processor - Has the Age of Physics arrived?
2006.05.05 CNET Blog: PhysX hands-on
2006.05.05 PC Format Blog: PhysX - an unstoppable force of nature? - CellFactor: Combat Training videos included
2006.03.29 Bit-Tech: ASUS raises PhysX stakes with 256MB PPU
2006.03.24 PC World: GDC Notes: The Physics of PhysX
2006.03.22 Gamasutra: GDC: Ageia's PhysX Launch
2006.03.22 GD Hardware: Ageia Update - GDC 2006
2006.03.22 Hot Hardware: AGEIA PhysX Launch - GDC Event Coverage
2006.03.22 FiringSquad: AGEIA GDC 2006 Press Conference
2006.03.22 PC Perspective: AGEIA PhysX Physics Processor Technology Preview
2006.03.22 TG Daily: GDC 2006: Ageia announces "PhysX" physics processor
2006.01.12 The Tech Report: BFG Tech and Ageia
2006.01.06 AGEIA PhysX card demo pictured


2006.09.12 Computer Games Online: CellFactor: Revolution Interview Part 2 - Jeremy Stieglitz
2006.09.11 Computer Games Online: CellFactor: Revolution Interview Part 1 - Jeremy Stieglitz
2006.09.08 1UP: CellFactor: Revolution - Jeremy Stieglitz
2006.08.13 FiringSquad: CellFactor: Revolution Interview - Jeremy Stieglitz
2006.08.10 IGN: CellFactor: Revolution Interview - Jeremy Stieglitz
2006.08.07 GameSpot: CellFactor: Revolution Q&A - Physics, Characters, Story, and Psychic Powers - Jeremy Stieglitz
2006.08.07 Gaming Nexus - Michael Steele
2006.07.11 GDHardware: Ageia Takes on the Tough Questions - Manju Hegde & Michael Steele
2006.07.10 HardOCP: Effects Physics & Gameplay Physics Explored - ATI, NVIDIA, Havok & AGEIA
2006.06.09 AGEIA: CellFactor: Developer Interview - Jeremy Stieglitz
2006.05.02 FiringSquad: AGEIA Pre-E3 Interview
2006.04.13 Computer Games Online: Exclusive CellFactor Interview - Jeremy Stieglitz
2006.02.10 Xzentech: AGEIA CEO Interview: Part 2 - Manju Hegde
2006.01.26 Xzentech: AGEIA CEO Interview: Part 1 - Manju Hegde


2006.11.20 GotFrag Hardware: Discussion With AGEIA: On The Future of Gaming Physics - Manju Hegde
2006.10.05 Kauffman eVenturing: Failure to Success: The AGEIA Story
2006.10.03 GameSpot: LGF: Ageia's man of Steele - Michael Steele at GDC London
2006.09.26 Maximum PC: PhysX: Six Months Later
2006.09.07 AnandTech: PhysX Performance Update: City of Villains
2006.07.19 Tom's Hardware: Is Ageia's PhysX Failing?
2006.06.05 DailyTech: The Forecast for AGEIA
2006.05.27 TG Daily: Is Physics The Third Wheel In Gaming?
2006.05.11 MaXit: Ageia PhysX PPU Guide
2006.05.08 TweakTown: AGEIA PhysX and Ghost Recon - Gaming at the next level
2006.05.07 Hard|OCP: Ageia PhysX & You
2006.04.07 PC Watch: AGEIA comments about the affinity between PhysX and Cell
2006.03.29 ExtremeTech: Hardware Physics Acceleration is Coming - Ageia's New Hardware
2006.03.16 Nicholas Blachford: Lets Get Physical: Inside The PhysX Physics Processor
2006.02.08 Xzentech's Brief Guide to PPUs and Ageia (n/a)
2006.01.10 GD Hardware: Winter 05 Update and Inside Look